Five Pillars of a Low-Key Heart

  1. Thinking more is not as good as cultivating aspirations, speaking more than keeping quiet, and having more talents is not as good as cultivating virtue. A low-key person is like a feather in the weight of a thousand, holding everything like a tiny feather, and holding the world like a mustard. No evil in thinking, no madness in thought, no dryness in action; no frowning, and constant breathing. 
  2. A low-key person is like drinking tea all his life. The water is boiling and the heart is still. A few, a pot, a secluded residence, shallow pouring slow products, watching the worldly glitz like water mist, lingering and drifting. A low-key life is an infinite elegance.
  3. The path you choose, you should go and finish it. Even if you get lost, don’t look back. Because it is impossible to try both paths in a limited time. Maybe the other way will be more difficult, who knows. When you are lost, you have to trust your own choices. 
  4. I will keep you firmly in my heart, and then slowly rot; the easier it is to get, the less people will value and cherish it. This is life; there are no ifs in life, only consequences and results.
  5. Life is like when you take a train, there are different scenery along the way, different platforms, and different people get on the train, you will also pass this scenic spot to the next scenic spot, to the next platform, different people get on and off, those are all. It is a passenger, the important thing is your own journey. Don’t wait until others point it out to know that you are wrong. In fact, the courage to admit your mistakes will not make you laugh at you, but will be respected by others.

Think through and grow in 5 pillars of today’s inspiration for your goodness cultivating your heart:

1. Talk less when the anger is not in harmony, and words will be lost; when the heart is not in line, don’t do things to fail;

2. Don’t answer things in vain, you must do what you should do, and you will have resentment if you don’t do it; Light promises will be repaid;

3. Everything is saying, it depends on how you look at it; everything is a test, try your heart;

4. Contentment is a rich man, usually a master, nothing is an immortal.

5. If you want to open up and smile naturally, you must put it down when you see it through.