The 2nd week of pregnancy – sperm penetration into the egg & the beginning of pregnancy (School of Reproduction & Motherhood)

The second week of pregnancy is the week in which you may develop spotting implants. During this week, the sperm will reach the egg and will enter the wall of the uterus after fertilization. A sudden rise in body temperature is another sign of pregnancy in the second week.

Let’s learn more about how your baby’s journey begins in the second week of pregnancy (including ovulation and fertility). The second week, like the first week of pregnancy , is not felt by many mothers, they may just feel very little change in their body as the time for the egg to release from the ovary approaches.

You may have a slight spotting later this week and early in the third week of pregnancy . Many people think that they have become menstruating. Note that the phenomenon of spotting is not the same in all women (in some cases the bleeding is brief and in others it will not happen at all). Implantation spotting will occur when the fertilized egg is inserted into the wall inside the uterus. This process started in your body last week.

Sperm growing in the second week of pregnancy

At this point, your baby has not yet entered the womb, but this is the time when ovulation takes place. Your ovary releases a mature egg into the fallopian tube. The egg waits for sperm to reach 15 to 28 cm from the uterus and cervix. Although between 75 and 900 million sperm start moving at the moment of the journey, only less than a thousand sperms pass through the uterus, and eventually only one of these sperms has the opportunity to penetrate the egg and become pregnant.

Signs and symptoms of ovulation this week include:

  • Sudden rise in body temperature 
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Brief unilateral ovarian pain

Image from the inside

There are no ultrasound images of your unborn baby in the first two weeks. Although your doctor calculates these two weeks as part of your pregnancy, you are not really pregnant. You are confused, aren’t you? Your doctor will consider 40 weeks after your last menstrual period to calculate your delivery time. Although you are definitely not pregnant on this date, this is still the best estimate for calculating your baby’s birth time. (Unless you use ultrasound images to determine the time more accurately.)

Care in the second week of pregnancy

  • If you are concerned about the health of the child who is going to grow inside your body, stop consuming any tobacco and alcohol.
  • Schedule 400 mg of folic acid daily ; Of course, it is much better to start taking folic acid three months before pregnancy.
  • Consult your doctor if you are taking any medication (oral or injectable).
  • In the first weeks, avoid coloring your hair and using chemicals to change your hair color. It is best to postpone this until about three months later.
  • If you can go to the dentist and have your teeth repaired because you may have gingivitis during this time.

How big is your baby in the second week of pregnancy?

Your date of birth is calculated from the first day after your last period . Pregnancy and fertilization take place about two weeks after this date, and in fact, this is when you become pregnant. Your baby in the second week of pregnancy has not yet grown as much as the first week and is about the size of a poppy seed.

Gender estimation test?

Knowing your baby’s gender is an exciting step for many parents, but you will have to wait several months for your first ultrasound. Even with ultrasound, there is no definitive guarantee that you will find out the sex of your baby.

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