The 7 realms of a strong and successful mind (transformative life coaching)

 Anyone who is truly strong is not necessarily a successful person in business, but must be the master of the mind. 

The first state of the mind is gratitude , the second state of mind is compassion , the third state of mind is reverence, the fourth state of mind is tolerance , and the fifth state of mind is ordinary mind. The sixth state of the mind is the enterprising mind, and the seventh state of the mind is the mind of harmony

Those who are really strong are not necessarily successful in career, but must be the master of mind. There is a saying on the East: “Whoever cannot master himself will always be a slave.” We know that only through self-purification can the soul be supreme.


  There is an old oriental saying, filial piety comes first. If a person wants to serve the society and serve the motherland, he must start from “filial piety to his parents”. The core of filial piety is gratitude, which is a philosophy of life and a great wisdom in life. Learn to be grateful , thank our parents for giving us life, and thank life for everything that life has given us. Only in this way will we have a positive outlook on life , a healthy state of mind , and return to others and society.


Some people say that the greatest progress of a society is the progress of compassion. I think this is very reasonable. Bullying the weak is not a real skill, the real strength is the strength of the soul, and it has the measure of accommodating the sea and the mountains and the momentum of the mountains. From the moment when everyone falls to the ground, they are destined to walk on their own path, some are long, some are short; some succeed, some fail. No matter what the road, in the end it is empty.

  People need to have compassion .

  Loving sentient beings and giving them happiness is called loving-kindness; empathizing with them, showing compassion to all sentient beings, and eradicating their sufferings is called compassion. Compassion is to treat the suffering of all sentient beings as personal suffering, to generate great sympathy, and to provide relief and help to those in need.

  Only with a heart of compassion can we share the same destiny with others, society and nature , and treat all things in the world as equals and live in harmony.


  There should be awe in life . Zhu Xi said: “The heart of a gentleman is always in awe.” What should people be in awe of? Confucius said: “A gentleman has three fears: he is afraid of the mandate of heaven, he is afraid of the great man , he is afraid of the words of a sage. “

  Here, reverence is an attitude towards life, a pursuit of value, and abide by the conscience and virtue of human beings. The ancients said: “When people are afraid of disasters, they are afraid, and when they are afraid, they act upright.” A person who acts cautiously with awe can avoid disasters and seek fortune.

  If you lose your sense of awe, you may be unscrupulous and lawless, and eventually you will have bitter consequences. If everyone has an instinctive reverence for rules, regulations, and ethics, when facing the law, morality, people, public opinion, etc., they often have the necessary respect, and have a trembling fear. Only by being “bound” by the values ​​of utilitarianism and nihilism can we have a heart that is always introspective, and will not be arrogant and ignore morality, party discipline and state laws.


  Tolerance to others, tolerance to oneself, tolerance is great. It is impossible for everyone to live a peaceful life, and they will encounter ups and downs and twists and turns. Forgive them. Tolerance to others is to be kind to yourself . Holding a grudge can only deepen the damage to yourself .

  In the process of our growth , we have made many mistakes because of no world events, some of which can be recovered, and some of which cannot be made up. Be tolerant of your past, because to be tolerant of your past is to treat your future kindly and treat your past experience as a gift of life, so that your future life will be more exciting.


  An ordinary person should have an ordinary mind and adjust his/her mentality to the best state. There are three primary colors in life : be a person according to your true colors , act according to your role, and locate according to your characteristics. As long as you have a good mentality, you can maintain a good mood, and you can forget about fame, fortune, status, and personal gains and losses . As long as you can treat your gains and losses with a normal heart, you will be able to “not be happy with what you have gained, and not worry about what you have lost”, and you will “be low-key and do things with a high profile.”


  In today’s rapid development of the times, everyone must have a hard-working, positive and enterprising heart. The ancients said, “If you don’t advance, you will retreat”, because you are in an era of overcrowding and fierce competition, so current events are pressing and inspiring. Enterprising people, despite difficulties, bravely climb the peak, and thus become the mainstream of the times, the powerhouses of the times, the role models of the times, and the elites of the times.


  As the saying goes, “everything is prosperous with family harmony”, “harmony generates wealth”, and “harmony is the most precious thing”. My understanding of the word “harmony” is: “harmony” means that I love you, you love me, live in harmony, drizzle with wind and rain, and have a happy face; “harmony” means to let you talk, let me talk , let people speak their hearts, and eliminate each other Misunderstandings, mutual understanding, and strengthening unity. Family harmony, everything is satisfactory; work unit harmony, high work efficiency; country harmony, people live and work in peace and contentment; social harmony, people progress and civilization; human harmony, people live in harmony with nature .

Would you like to cultivate these and hundreds of more qualities and work on them and from your life perspective? Welcome to personal transformative coaching for you and the people who are close and dear to you. Believe in yourself, for your perspective is way greater than those and when it comes to laying the foundation, I am here near you to help and be the first one to be happy for you.