Sexual Health Concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine

 The so-called intercourse refers to the sexual life between husband and wife. Sexual health, also known as sexual health, is to adopt scientific and healthy sexual behavior according to the physiological characteristics of the human body to improve the quality of life and maintain physical and mental health. Traditional Chinese medicine sexual health has a long history and rich connotations. In today’s advocacy of popular health care knowledge, it is of positive significance to study and learn from the scientific theory of ancient people’s sexual health.

1. Unstoppable

   Sexual desire is the normal physiological needs of human beings, and sexual behavior is the normal physiological behavior of human beings. “Book of Rites·Liyun” says: “Hungry men and women, people’s great desires exist.” The combination of sexual desire and appetite shows that it is an irresistible natural law. A healthy and coordinated sexual life is one of the necessary conditions to promote the physical and mental health of both parties and maintain the normal physiological activities of the sex organs for adult men and women, and it is also the basis for the reproduction of the next generation. It can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, resolve some conflicts in life, effectively relieve psychological depression, depression and mental pressure, bring harmony and stability to family life, but also prevent certain diseases, which is conducive to maintaining a good psychological state and vitality, to achieve the purpose of prolonging life. 

Abstinence, on the other hand, violates the physiological characteristics of human beings, as well as the objective laws of nature, and can cause many diseases. As the “Su Nujing” says: “Heaven and earth are opened and closed, Yin and Yang are transformed, and human law Yin and Yang follow the four seasons. Today, if you want to not communicate, your spirit is not announced, and Yin and Yang are isolated. How can you supplement yourself?” “Benefits in the Room” also pointed out: “Men can’t be without women, women can’t be without men. Without women, the mind will move, the mind will work, and the mind will lose life.  … Humans leak essence and urine is cloudy.” All these indicate that the heaven and the earth have Yin and Yang to open and close, and that men and women have Yin and Yang to transform. Only by imitating the yin and yang of heaven and earth and supporting each other can we maintain the balance of yin and yang. If healthy men and women lose the handover or forcefully abstain from sex, the yin and yang will be blocked, the spirit will not be expressed, the sperm will be blocked, and the blood will not flow smoothly over time, which will cause various diseases and even shorten the lifespan.

   Practice has proved that women living in seclusion, unmarried husbands and widowed men and women also do. Many psychosomatic diseases have a higher incidence and shorter lifespan. Such as women’s premenstrual tension disorder, breast lobular hyperplasia and irregular menstruation and other diseases, one of the underlying or difficult to explain the reasons for not wanting to be often. Long-term abstinence for men will not only cause many psychological obstacles, but also easily cause semen stagnation, leading to local swelling and congestion of the prostate, causing sexual dysfunction, or causing prostate lesions. For women, a healthy sex life can adjust the menstrual cycle, improve ovarian function, and improve their own immunity. Because men’s semen contains an antibacterial substance called cytoplasmin, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, the semen of women who have a normal sexual life, the husband’s semen regularly enters the uterus and fallopian tubes through the vagina, which can prevent and reduce vaginal discharge. Gynecological diseases such as inflammation, endometritis, and salpingitis. In addition, a satisfactory sex life also has the effect of eliminating tension and maintaining body fitness. Women with a well-developed sexual life have strong secretion of sex hormones and accelerated blood circulation, their skin will appear smooth and delicate, their nails will be shiny and elastic, and their hair will be black and moist, which delays the aging process of the entire human body.

2. Insatiable desire

    Although sex life is human nature and physiological law, but without restraint and indulgence, it will inevitably consume the essence and qi, which is not good for human health. The story of sexual health especially emphasizes that the desire should not be indulged. “Qian Jin Yao Fang, Nurturing Nature, Replenishing the Household” once pointed out: “People under forty are often unrestrained, and when they are over forty, they suddenly feel that their strength will decline for a while. When the recession comes, many diseases will arise, and they will not be cured for a long time, and then they will not be saved. “The kidney stores the essence, which is the foundation of the innate, and excessive lust is the most likely to damage the kidney essence. For example, the “Zhong Zang Jing · Work Injury Theory” says: “Excessive lust will damage the kidney.” Especially in the young and middle-aged period, if one is self-reliant and strong, full of energy and unrestrained indulgence, the essence and energy in the kidney will be gradually diminished, especially It is a man, who is addicted to lust and does not know how to pity himself, which will definitely cause serious housework injury. For the middle-aged and the elderly, everything is tiring, and the kidney qi is gradually declining. It is necessary to control sexual desire and maintain the kidney essence in order to delay the aging process. Sanyuan Counselor’s Longevity Book says: “Desires cannot be indulged“, Too much desire will damage the essence. People can save their lives, but it is a pity that the body is heavy, and the essence is heavy. If the essence of the spleen is not strong, the teeth will fall. If the essence of the spleen is not strong, the disease will follow, and the death will follow.”

People who have excessive sexual intercourse in clinical practice often suffer from soreness in the waist and knees. dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, fatigue, impotence in men, irregular menstruation in women and other symptoms, but also directly or indirectly cause the recurrence or aggravation of certain diseases. According to modern medical research, semen is a mixture of sperm, prostatic fluid and sex hormones. Sperm and sex hormones are produced by the testes. Frequent ejaculation will increase the burden on the testes. Over time, it will cause testicular atrophy and accelerate aging. Prostatic fluid has important biological activities and physiological effects, and a large amount of loss will adversely affect the functions of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous systems and other systems. Therefore, Sun Simiao warned: “Those who are good at taking care of life must be careful and restrain them when they feel that Yang affairs are prosperous, and do not indulge their hearts and minds to thieves themselves.”

3. Don’t be too early

   Desire not to be early, is to emphasize the dangers of early marriage and early childbearing. Adolescents are in the period of development and growth. Kidney qi gradually fills up and muscles and bones are not solid. Therefore, “the best prevention is that their knowledge will be opened early, and their innocence will be lost” (“Lenglu Medical Talk: Preserving Life”). If the handover is rashly performed without knowing the degree of discipline, prematurely destroying the yin essence in the kidney and depleting the qi and blood will not only hinder the growth and development process of the self, but also seriously damage the health, causing lingering ailments, and even aging before aging, promoting short days. Just as “Shou Shi Bao Yuan: The Old Man” said: “If the essence is not mastered and the imperial maid can master his essence, then the five bodies will be dissatisfied, and there will be difficult diseases in the future.”A man breaks the sun too early, and his Qi essence is damaged. If a woman breaks the yin too early, the blood will be hurt.” Therefore, the ancients actively advocated late marriage and late childbearing, and put forward the view that “men marry at thirty, and women marry at twenty”. For example, In One Hundred Questions of Women’s Science: “Asking the Ancient Law of Men at Thirty and Marrying a Woman at Twenty” says: “If a man is married when he is thirty, then the sun will already be strong”, “When a woman is married at twenty, at this time, the earth and the yin will be in harmony. Therefore, in time, if you have children, you will be strong, and the so-called universe will be fixed; if you don’t get married in time, you will suffer from strong yang and soft yin.”

    Modern medicine believes that both men and women in adolescence have undergone major changes in sexual physiology, and new psychological and emotional turns have also appeared. They show strong curiosity and desire for the field of sex, and are willing to contact the opposite sex and seek out the same sex. friendship. Although adolescents in this period have been able to complete sexual behaviors and lead to the birth of new life, other aspects of the body, especially the development and maturity of sexual psychology, are still far behind their physical maturity. how to control oneself, sexual desire often manifests in the form of strong out of control, leading to the occurrence of premarital sex, early marriage and early childbearing. , male mental impotence, and infertility and other diseases. Therefore, the best reproductive age for women is 21 to 28 years old, and for men 24 to 32 years old, which is basically consistent with the marriage age advocated by the ancients.

4. To have something to avoid

    Although sex life is an indispensable part of married life, it is not advisable to have sex when physical conditions are not suitable, so as to avoid adverse consequences and cause many diseases. For example, “Zunsheng Bajian, Living Anlejian, Three Talents Avoidance Rules, Personnel Taboos” says: “I am overjoyed and angry, men and women are not cured of fever, yin and yang and other diseases are not cured, and new births, menstrual periods are not clean, all are not allowed to have intercourse” .

    First, it is not advisable to have sex when emotions are not in balance. For example, “Qian Jin Yao Fang, Nourishing Sex, and Benefit in the Room” pointed out: “People are angry, their blood and qi are uncertain, and because of intercourse, people will develop carbuncle.” In the middle of the room, yin and yang are deficient, spontaneous sweating and night sweating, and accumulation results in labor.” People’s emotional activities are closely related to the operation of qi and blood, and the operation of qi and blood affects the physiological functions of internal organs. In the state of anger, panic, worry and other emotional disorders, it can lead to disorder of qi and blood, and dysfunction of viscera. According to modern research, when a person is in a bad mood or excessive mental stress, he/she will inhibit the secretion of sex hormones, block the blood flow to the sexual organs, make the penis of men unable to erect immediately, and have low libido in women. At the same time, due to the bad mood, the thoughts cannot be highly concentrated, the sexual response and sexual excitement are not easily stimulated, and the quality of sexual life is also affected.

   Second, it is not advisable to have sex when physically and mentally tired. Sex life can be said to be a systemic activity process. During intercourse, the qi and blood of visceral tissues are accelerated, and the amount of activity increases, which requires a certain amount of physical strength. After a long journey, heavy labor, or strenuous exercise, the qi and blood in the body has been depleted to varying degrees. At this time, Jia Yu Yong and entering the room forcefully will inevitably damage the qi and cause various diseases. For example, “Qian Jin Yao Fang, Nourishing Nature, Replenishing in the House” says: “When you enter the house when you are exhausted from a long journey, you will be depleted by the five labors, and you will have fewer children.” Consumption, energy consumption will damage the kidneys, kidney damage will cause the marrow to dry up, and the back pain will not be able to tilt.”

    Third, it is not advisable to have sex after eating and drinking. “Shou Shi Bao Yuan: The Old Man” said: “Overeating, atrioventricular strain, blood flow overflowing, infiltrating the large intestine, clearing blood from time to time, abdominal pain, the disease is called intestinal addiction.” Excessive eating has caused a burden on the spleen and stomach, and he resumed sexual intercourse, make qi and blood tend to the whole body, and the spleen and stomach qi and blood will decrease accordingly, which will inevitably affect the normal performance of digestion and absorption functions. Entering the room drunk is a taboo in sexual health. Alcohol can mess with human nature and easily damage the internal organs. Entering the room drunk can easily deplete the essence of the kidneys and cause endless harm. For example, “Sanyuan Counselor’s Book of Longevity: Want to Avoid Something” said: “When drunk, enter the room, qi exhausts the liver and intestines. The husband will have less semen and less yin, and the woman will have a weak menstrual period, and bad blood will remain and cause bad sores.”

    Fourth, prudent intercourse during illness. The sick person has insufficient qi and blood, imbalance of yin and yang, and weakened viscera functions. For example, “Sanyuan Counselor’s Book of Longevity, Wanting Something to Avoid” says: “Red eyes should avoid intercourse to avoid cataracts”, “Gold sores meet before they are healed, and they are moved by blood and qi, causing the sores to be corrupted.” Especially in the recovery stage after the illness, one should avoid intercourse, otherwise, the old disease will relapse due to the labor of the house. For example, “Qianjin Yaofang·Shanghan Fangxia·Laifu” pointed out: “The disease is less than 100 days old, and the vigor has not recovered, and those who use the room and room will not die.”

    Fifth, pay attention to the taboos of female sexual intercourse. Women have special physiological characteristics, namely menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Because during these periods, the body is often in a state of deficiency of qi and blood, low resistance, and evil qi is often easy to take advantage of it and affect women’s health. The story of intercourse health preservation proposes abstinence for 100 days during menstruation and childbirth, and abstinence during pregnancy and lactation. Modern medicine believes that women have trauma in the uterine cavity during menstruation. If they have intercourse, bacteria will be brought into the vagina, causing diseases such as menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea or genital inflammation. Intercourse in the first 3 months of pregnancy can cause uterine contractions, abdominal pain, bleeding, and even miscarriage; intercourse in the last 3 months can also easily lead to premature labor or premature rupture of the amniotic membrane. Postpartum women are physically weak and have poor resistance, such as premature intercourse, which can cause endometritis, uterine bleeding, waist and abdominal pain and other diseases.

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