Emotion Clinic: Forest bath opens the five senses to heal the body and mind

The pace of life is so fast on weekdays, many people like to go out on holidays and relax. More exposure to nature and a walk in the park are good for your body and mind. In fact, there are many research evidences that nature has wonderful healing powers, which can promote physical and mental health, and it is the most beautiful gift for body, mind, and soul. 

In recent years, there have been more and more studies exploring the relationship between nature and health. As of 2018, 350 research reports have been published. Many of them provide concrete proofs to prove that nature has magical healing powers, including strengthening cognition, concentration, improving emotional and spiritual health, and subjective well-being. These benefits can also play a role for special groups such as office workers, immigrants, hospital patients and prisoners.

Research: 20% less stress hormones in the forest

Research by Terry Hartig, a professor at the Department of Environmental Psychology at Uppsala University in Sweden , shows that being in nature can help us restore weakened cognitive abilities, including: thinking speed, execution efficiency, concentration and memory.

Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki, Assistant Director of the Center for Environmental Health and Field Science, Chiba University, Japan , compared the physical and mental states of people in forests and big cities. The study found that when we are in the forest, brain activity will be significantly reduced and people will calm down; responsible for inhibiting the human body Unnecessarily active parasympathetic nerves will be 50% more active in the forest than in the city, which means that the body will relax a little in the forest; on the contrary, the content of our “stress hormone” cortisol will be 20% less in the forest .

In 2011, the academic journal “Nature” published the research results of German neurologist Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg . He found that the amygdala in the brain becomes active due to the social pressure of urban life, increasing the risk of anxiety and depression. risk. His other research also found that the greenness of the environment is related to our feelings and brain responses. This shows that nature has certain benefits to the nervous system and emotional state, and helps to improve physical and mental health.

Research by Professor Ri Kei, an immunologist from the Department of Public Health, Japan Medical University , pointed out that Phytoncides released from trees can activate immune cells that protect the human body and increase our immunity. Therefore, Shinrin-yoku (Natural Therapy Forest Bath) has become popular in Japan in recent years. It is precisely to use nature to treat and prevent diseases, and to receive the benefits of nature through the five senses.

Concentration, scenery and mood become calm

The above different research results have shown that more exposure to nature can relax our body, calm our mood, reduce cortisol and stress, strengthen the human immune system, reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance cognition and concentration. This nature that nurtures all things in the world has always nourished our body and soul.

In fact, even if there is no scientific research to prove it, we can experience the healing power of nature from our personal experience. When we go to the outskirts, we will naturally focus on the surrounding scenery and natural environment, our mood becomes calm, and our facial features will open up to explore the surrounding natural scenery.

Vision allows us to observe the green and natural world carefully, and to appreciate the different colors that the sun shines all over the countryside.

Hearing allows us to listen to the rich and harmonious sounds of nature, including the sound of wind, birds and leaves, etc.

The sense of touch allows us to feel the sensation of our feet stepping on the ground. Touching each tree and each leaf brings us a different texture.

The sense of smell allows us to feel the fresh breath of nature and absorb the fendol essence from the trees

Taste allows us to open our taste buds and carefully taste the flavors of local ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables

Our connection with nature can be very diverse. Some people like static activities, such as walking in the park; some people like dynamic activities, such as stretching, running or hiking. Choose the way you like and interact with nature, cultivate it as a habit of walking into nature, and receive the healing power of nature. This may restore balance to your body, mind, and mind, and prepare to meet different challenges in life.

Have you ever thought about the fact that it is nature that can harmonize your life and make you happy, ranging from health and motherhood to calmness and balance in your heart when any internal and external stressors are activated? We’ll talk about this and more in 2 weeks of FREE transformational coach.