Life is a process of practice (transformative meditation)

The practice of life lies in cultivating the heart, and facing all kinds of situations in life with an unmoved heart. The real practice is not deep in the school libraries running from the reality when you are 30+, nor in the temples full of incense. It cannot be divorced from the essence and reality of society. We cannot leave the world. Life is practice to integrate all we grow in into life and work. Some people have practiced for many years learning things, but their habits and mentality are the same as before without any change. Such practice is not true practice. The true practice is our heart.

The work environment is your training ground. Regardless of the profession or karma you are engaged in, it is nothing more than cultivating your mind and nature, integrating your practice into your work, and doing your best to do every job. Don’t worry about encountering obstacles, it can help you experience your heart awakening and increase your wisdom. Your pure land is your family, and it must be cleaned up with due diligence. To wipe the dust is to wipe off your karma, and to clear the trash is to clear your worries. Your family members are all your best friends, you take care of them, and don’t hurt or resent them.

Each has its own karma and blessings. Whatever you cling to will make you sad, and everything will be regarded as a dream bubble. Those who can’t let go are delusions, and there is nothing to be attached to. Don’t just take care of yourself, but also take care of others. You will be at ease only if you give up selfishness. How you treat others, others treat you how. Don’t always complain about others, don’t try to change others, and don’t always resent heavens for being unfair.

What you should do is to adjust your mentality, cultivate your heart, and do whatever you want. If you embrace everything with a broad mind, you will see that people are good people, that things are good things, and all circumstances are good. You won’t have things you can’t figure out. You can correct your shortcomings and get rid of your ego in time.

This is your heart practice. When you have a compassion and sincerely practice inside of you, you will eliminate your own karma and achieve infinite merit.

In fact, practice, life, and work can coexist very well, and there is no contradiction and choice. Every one of us is born with nature of the mind and the heart, just because we are running around and getting into busy things in order to live, we gradually lose our original self and forget that the most precious things are in our hearts. The practice is in your heart, and the real achievement is your own heart. By cultivating the heart, you modify oneself, how to behave, how to do things, to be compassionate to sentient beings, and not to ask for rewards, is the true essence of practice.