Harmonious Marriage

It is said that marriage is a lifelong practice. If you want to maintain a lifelong marriage, you must work together to maintain it.

In this realistic age, marriage management really requires a lot of thought and energy. Especially in this era of rising divorce rates, being able to maintain a good marriage is the most rare thing.

So why is it that more and more people can’t go on, but it’s getting harder and harder when they get old? In fact, marriage has changed over time, passion has faded, life has become dull, and natural contradictions have emerged.

However, when marriage encounters problems, it is not a problem. What I am really afraid of is that the marriage seems harmonious, but it is actually vulnerable. Therefore, for a good marriage, these three points are very important, and achieving these will lead to a happy life.

01. A good three outlook is more important than any appearance

It may be that two people are together. At first, the external impression determines the possibility of each other, but if you want to go on for a long time, it is not enough to rely on the five senses. Because a person’s face is fragile, only the inner things will last forever. Especially when two people live together, the three perspectives are particularly important.

Many couples can’t go on in the end, because after they really know each other, they find that they are not the same, so they have been making do with it, and they choose to divorce when they can’t make it through one day.

I have to say that for a good marriage, it is really important to have the same three views. Love may depend on love at first sight, but life depends on whether each other can eat together, sleep together, and live together.

Just like those people with inconsistent three views, naturally they spend every day in quarrels, each other firm in their own ideas, and no one is willing to give in and change, then no matter how good the relationship is, it will be slowly consumed.

After all, marriage is a trivial life of firewood, rice, oil and salt. If they have different cognitions, they will not last long. Different personalities can complement each other, and emotional discord can be cultivated, but the disagreement of the three views will eventually lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

02, understand that a person is more important than the so-called love

In real life, I always hear such voices around me, I really love you, what I gave up and gave for you.

But true love is not the love you think, but what the other person wants. If a person blindly loves a person with his own thoughts, then that kind of love will become a burden.

In marriage, there are many people who force each other to accept some of their actions in the name of loving each other. In fact, such love is selfish.

To love someone is to understand what the other person thinks, to understand his inner needs, and to understand his joys and sorrows. This is far more profound than what you said to love her and buy her a gift.

In a long-term marriage, people who know you will understand your difficulty and effort, understand you, and love you. Naturally, all your contributions are the same as persisting in the city.

If you are with someone and you can’t feel his pity, then this kind of love is too humble.

A good marriage should be about understanding each other. You understand each other’s hardships, he understands your hard work, will cherish each other, and give each other the best tenderness.

03. Tolerance is far more important than your calculations

I’ve seen many marriages. Many times, they quarreled over trivial matters, and some even divorced over trivial matters. A person who treats marriage as a child’s play and has no tolerance at all will naturally not live happily.

A good marriage is not without quarrels and conflicts, but after arguing with each other, they will still choose to tolerate each other instead of just carelessly.

Just like those couples who have stayed together for a lifetime, they must have encountered many problems along the way, and they have wanted to divorce countless times, but why can they keep going?

In reality, it is patience and tolerance. It is nothing to be more tolerant to the one you love. This is generosity.

Rather than fighting against the one you love and getting into trouble, why not be more tolerant and patient, maybe you will reap long-term happiness.

Therefore, a good marriage is more about half self and half tolerance. Try to accept each other’s imperfections and discover each other’s strengths, so that the marriage will be more harmonious and beautiful.


When two people live together, they will always encounter conflicts of this kind. It is normal to have disputes in a marriage. But as long as you love each other, there is no bad marriage.

Two people who have never met in life can come together. This is fate. You must cherish it twice and manage your fate and marriage.