Push in New Year (Reproductive Meditation)

Our goals and aspirations are the harbingers of our destiny. Sometimes they are the embodiment of our conscious changes, and sometimes we just remind ourselves that we want to live, create and love.

How often do we hear a motivational voice inside: push, push, push! Where is the push? In a competitive race or in the ring? In something to take place or to prove something to yourself and someone? Of course, this is a push to be happy and stay beautiful, because you are that, but maybe you forgot about it, then let me remind you of this: you are happy and beautiful, do you know why?

Because the voice of pushing into life is saved in you. You were born to preserve and continue this one life, not just to live it in the race of this world. You were born to be happy, beautiful. You have all the qualities of the best mother to your child – the happiness you so dream of through the dreams of your aspirations.

And you are sometimes afraid and worried about this, you drive your thoughts away and maybe even replace them with successful goals, because there seems to be no other choice. But there is always a choice, and as long as a person is alive, hope is always alive.

The fruits of our life are so successful, so material, so grandiose … But when they are literally alive and give us morning joy and evening peace, we flourish and we want to create and love.

Do you have a flower pot at home? Plant your favorite flower in it. How will you feel when it rises, grows and blooms? You will thank life and heaven for being beautiful and happy. You are a mother-to-be.

Now let’s cry from happiness and get ready – let’s go to motherhood, with all your goals and formulas for success. You will see how much they come to life when you pour them with the juices of life. I wish you this year that your beloved doctor tell you: “Madam, you are pregnant. You will have a baby. Twins! Only 4 weeks. Congratulations”

We are sincerely grateful to you for your attention to our reproductive project of the free motherhood school with Dr. Elena Mozgovaya. Stay with us, and we will be with you. Take care of yourself and always, if you need to talk frankly with me, we will help. Yours sincerely, Love

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