Asian Community and Chinese Cultural Society (Oriental Humanities Course)

1. The learning objectives and teaching objectives of this course

    The development of human civilization will wisely, in a peaceful way, in a way of co-prosperity and coexistence, compete with each other to show their respective prosperity and beauty. Asian culture has rich and diverse forms due to historical accumulation. The level of inclusion, whether it is the horizontal spatial context or the vertical evolution of the times, after mutual integration, communication and dissemination, stand in the perspective of “globalization”, think about the new direction of all subcultures, and express it with new perspectives The cosmopolitanity of all subcultures.

    Starting from an international perspective, this course puts the learning goals and attitudes from a macro perspective across Asia and the world. No matter it is the college of humanities, education, science, management, etc., they are all the subjects of this course. It is hoped that after the implementation of the course lectures, participants will be able to rethink the subject of Pan-Asiancultural thoughts, break away from the vision of a single country, have the humanities of the entire Asia, and inspire the philosophy of the entire Asia with the new thinking of cultural observation. Cultivate cultural talents with an international outlook and new Asian thinking. 

2. The main teaching focus and scope of this course

    Observation is the basis of conscious reflection and the first step of integration. Culture, including aesthetics, literature, art, religion, history, philosophy, architecture and other connotations, is a way of life and values, and is a shared achievement of mankind in the process of historical development.
    With the theme of “Asian Community and Chinese Culture and Society”, it is subdivided into several themes, including an overview of Asian Chinese culture, an all-Asian observation of academic cross-fields, an all-Asian vision of cultural diversity, the communication of social and cultural ideas, and all-Asia The development and future of cultural thoughts, the lectures include topics such as cultural and educational goals, artistic aesthetics, literary, historical and philosophical thinking, and socio-psychological observations.
    The course will focus on cultural observation, including education, literature, aesthetics, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other fields. Train students to reflect on and perceive the importance of the “Asian Cultural Community” through observation, thinking, and experimentation.

3. The teaching method of this course

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