Introduction to Taoist Wisdom (Free 4-Week Lectures MiniCourse)

Taoist wisdom, broad and profound, profound academic theory, with “Tao” as the core, “nature” and “inaction” as the basic categories, it has a profound influence on the handling of people and political philosophy, and has far-reaching modern value. This course creatively starts from the origins of Taoism and the purpose of Taoism, and has been talking about Laozi and his books, the essence of Laozi’s wisdom, and the wisdom of Zhuangzi. 

The course program covers the following interactive topics to discuss with students:

The Origins of Taoism 

Taoist purpose 

Laozi and his book 

Lao Tzu’s Wisdom Essentials 

Zhuangzi’s Wisdom 

This course vividly expounds the modern enlightenment of Taoist wisdom to social life, which is as simple as it is, vividly imaged, disperses nature, and is breathtaking; it fully embodies research on traditional Chinese philosophy and aesthetics, especially for Taoist doctrine has in-depth research and unique understanding, and its practical significance is self-evident. I believe that through the study of this course, you will definitely understand the great value of Taoism to Chinese culture and nation.