Test Your Sensitivity

How sensitive are you to how others treat you or how they view you? You may think you are not very sensitive to others, but there are subtle traits that unveil your personality from now on and reveal how sensitive you are to others.

Interpersonal orientations

A study by Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts by Walter Swap and Jeffrey Robin reveals some interesting facts. The two psychologists surveyed nine hundred students over two years and achieved a scale of interpersonal orientation. Then you can do this test online and if you want to do it manually, you can read the questions related to this test later.

Social sensitivity

Sensitivity test

If you do not know how socially sensitive you are to others, complete the questionnaire below and give yourself a score for each “correct” answer. Add your points at the end.

1- I prefer to share my personal issues with others.
True False

2- I do not buy anything that I suspect is stolen.
True False

3- It is important for me to work with those I love, even if it causes me to take on less responsibilities.
True False

4. When someone does something for me, I feel obligated to do something for them in return.
True False

5. My friends and I have similar musical interests.
True False

6. I think I am more generous than the average person.
True False

7. I often ask myself what do the people sitting next to me on the bus do to make a living?
True False

8- When I spend time with someone, I immediately share a specific topic about myself with him.
True False

9- It seems that the more time I spend with someone, the more I like him.
True False

10. If a poor person asks me for money or food, it is difficult for me not to answer.
True False

Interpretation of results 

Score 8 to 10The words and opinions of others have a great impact on your mood.
Score 5 to 7You are in the middle of social sensitivity.
Score 0 to 4You are not very sensitive to the words and opinions of others. You are probably a competitive person who does not have many social needs.

Social sensitivity

This questionnaire measures your social sensitivity. Each correct answer means that you value others. Some things seem seemingly irrelevant. But the results show that people with severe social allergies are well identified in this questionnaire. The person who scores a lot in this questionnaire, pays attention to others and their words and opinions, is sensitive to the behaviors of others and considers their judgment to be personal.

Coping with sensitive people is not easy. They are sometimes very reactive and can not easily make friends with anyone. Those with low social sensitivity pay less attention to those around them. They focus more on relationships that meet their personal goals. These people do not pay much attention to the actions and behavior of others and are not influenced by them. They are interested in jobs in science, accounting and engineering.

High sensitivity;  Ways to deal with being quick and sensitive to others

High sensitivity

If you also scored high on this test, you need to think about your situation. Because this feature is bothering you. Try to strengthen a series of good traits in yourself by studying and referring to good counselors so that you can control your sensitivity. Of course, too much indifference to the opinion of others also makes you look careless. So it is better to create a relative balance in this area. A balance that fits those around you and leads to more peace of mind.

How sensitive are you to others? Can you control this sensitivity or not? How much of your intellectual capacity is wasted on being sensitive to the words and thoughts of others?

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