A Small Miracle for Christmas

These days, we really want to feel a special atmosphere surrounded by loved ones and relatives, and for some someone just to be alone with themselves, summing up the results of the outgoing productive year and setting plans for the new one.

One of my listeners told me: “I want to get pregnant under the Christmas tree, I have been going to this for so many years and this will be the greatest gift from Heaven for me. Because it’s still Christmas…” Honestly, I have never heard a more cherished Christmas dreamlike life strive than this one.

But what if this dream or even the plan “comes true differently” and a special “cosmic calendar” is involved in order to make it a reality? After all, it happens, we are waiting for a miracle precisely tomorrow, because today is so real, but a miracle does not come? Just think, ladies, why may your HCG show a negative result even at Christmas?

Everything is very simple: a young preparing mother needs to rest, mother is tired of the tension and anticipation of daily dreams, mother needs something very special and reliable, positive in this special period for her.

And in order to certainly get pregnant, mother needs to be imbued with unprecedented joy and gratitude for the gift of life in this world, she needs time to understand the purpose and take the baton from the Universe, which is about to give mother children for many generations.

The candle of the soul is burning, hope is burning, mama is not sleeping, papa is perplexed in surprise when mama gets pregnant, racing on a Christmas deer.

You know what? Give your mommy a Christmas break! With Omega-3, a month of honey and gefilte fish dish, mommy loves skating, mommy loves air yoga on hanging linens, strawberry cake and rainbow in the sky or at least fireworks to sustain her inner nightlights.

With awakening the miracle comes and it will be the most reproductive Christmas of the year. Excited in anticipation for something special and meaningful inside?

We are not leaving you!


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