Ideas to go for Christmas & New Year

Whether it’s the sparkling fir trees in the living room or the carnival party before twelve o’clock, the holiday will bring a special mood to all of us!¬†And, although this year‚Äôs holiday may look a little different, with so many unusual Christmas traditions and New Year ceremonies to try, there is still a lot of holiday fun.¬†What unique traditions can you celebrate like a local?¬†How many unforgettable memories can you leave on this New Year‚Äôs Eve?¬†Needless to say, here is the definitive guide to classic and unusual Christmas traditions and New Year ideas.

You can click on “I’m lucky” in Google Earth and spin the virtual globe to take you to a unique Christmas destination with its own set of traditions and celebrations-but you may end up with some problems Choices such as Oymyakon (the coldest inhabited place on earth), Mapim√≠ Silent Zone (supposedly UFO territory) or Isla Caja de Muertos (literally means Coffin Island). Therefore, you can use this carefully selected list of must-see places during Christmas, or use it to develop some new Christmas traditions and spend a fun holiday at home!

Visit a European Christmas market

Christmas market in Germany

Imagine a medieval square decorated with brightly lit wooden stalls, where the gluhwein is warm and the weather is cold. The Christmas market is undoubtedly the best Christmas event for children and adults (be sure to replace gl√ľhwein with hot chocolate for children!). And, some of them will continue this year.

Appearing suddenly in the weeks before Christmas, these markets are the perfect place to pick some whimsical last-minute gifts while indulging in the holidays and too many gingerbread cookies.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the best Christmas markets in Europe¬†. This handy guide tells you everything from where to go, what makes a unique market, when and what to eat when you are there.

Glide, skate and skate in Dubai or Rotterdam

Schaatsbaan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Put on your skates and enjoy the holiday at the skating rink. This Christmas tradition is not unique to snow. Nowadays, many countries that have never seen snow tend to be proud of skating rinks. In fact, the world’s largest permanent indoor ice skating rink is in the desert of Dubai.

Many small town Christmas markets have a simple ice skating rink in the center of the main square, and bustling cities are not stingy with this tradition.¬†This deer¬†classes in the Netherlands, skating rink skating rink is one of the country’s longest running.¬†For most people in Rotterdam, spinning on the 400-meter-long ice rink and changing rainbow lights is a typical Christmas tradition.

Spend Christmas in Scandinavia or Japan

Scandinavian food platter

The holidays are coming; it’s time to give up all diet plans-when the filling is on the table, resistance is futile. In fact, now let myself be stupid best time sausage , biscuits, cakes, chocolate and pudding (the real star of any respectable Christmas table).

If you are looking for a way to increase food unusual Christmas tradition for your holiday, then do not want nothing Buckeyes, unique Scandinavian feast. Think of a grazing table with pickled herring, meatballs, cheese, rice pudding and a range of local snacks, with Akvavit (a hard liquor) and beer by the warm fireplace. Say “S Carl ” and dig in!

Christmas in Japan¬†– still intend to spend Christmas in Japan, but due to travel restrictions and trapped at home?¬†Make a reservation at your most luxurious KFC and be part of the most delicious Christmas dinner (or order!) ever.¬†In 1974, KFC Japan introduced fried chicken as a Christmas dinner.¬†The company compares its delicious buckets with Western Christmas turkey dinner traditions… the rest is history.¬†

Whether you are in the Nordic region, the land of the rising sun or somewhere anywhere in between, do not miss the more strange and wonderful Christmas tradition that may at hand.

Bask in the sun in Asia or South America

Palm tree with Christmas lights

For many of us, sunshine may be an unusual list of Christmas traditions, but of the nearly one billion people celebrating this holiday, almost a quarter live outside of North America and Europe.

How do non-western countries celebrate holidays?¬†You will find meticulously reconstructed European villages, fully functional Christmas markets, and¬†city-scale shopping malls¬†in the very large interior¬†. Chasing the sun?¬†Then pack your swimsuit, playing up¬†in Rio de Janeiro¬†can still see the world’s largest Christmas tree in a tan at the same time.

If you place the Southern Hemisphere farther, please celebrate Christmas together with locals and tourists in Bali, many seasonal events in the island of the gods. Think of Santa’s hat and beach pants. Feast Indonesian rendang instead of turkey, spend the day chasing waterfalls or swing on the forest highest swing in Bali .

See Christmas lights in Melbourne or Amsterdam

Christmas forecast in Melbourne.

Melbourne¬†is always a good idea in December.¬†In the temperature range between 20 ¬į C to 24 ¬į C, so you replace jumper for shorts¬†Melbourne Christmas prediction¬†. 2 years ago this colorful city lighted festival from 29 to 25 March 2019 continued XNUMX May XNUMX day, by the Christmas-themed projection of landmark buildings brings this Australian city to life.

After your Christmas adventure, where you can stroll the historic city, to further explore the beauty of Melbourne Melbourne garden . Because of the warm Southern Hemisphere, you can spend more time outdoors. Why not in the city soar 285 meters above the Eureka Skydeck Ledge and accept the spectacular view?

Amsterdam also go all out every year in Amsterdam Festival of Lights . When you take a comfortable boat cruise, you can see the light art installations and light show decorated with downtown canal. Due to local coronavirus restrictions, the Amsterdam Light Festival in 2020 may be reduced, but you can still enjoy spectacular light art performances.

Experience these unusual Christmas traditions in Austria, Iceland and Sweden

We are not just talking about Swan Lake or the¬†“Nutcracker”¬†. If you look outside Broadway, you will find that many countries and communities have held ritualistic theatrical celebrations that portray an older Christmas. story.

In Austria , the Krampus parade is the highlight of Christmas. If you are naughty, the happy Santa may leave you a piece of coal, and the long-horned half-human half-goat demon known as Camps may sneak up to you, throw you into a bag, and take you back. Go to his study every Christmas, Austria will hold a parade to celebrate this beloved local legend by lighting a torch and participating in a parade similar to the scary and weird goblin. 

Many Scandinavian countries intertwined pagan folklore and Christian traditions.¬†Iceland¬†has the Juul boys. They are Gelera’s thirteen sons-a carnivorous giantess.¬†Sweden¬†has a goat statue made of straw, called the G√§vle goat, which should not be lit under any circumstances.¬†Don’t do it¬†.

If you are in Copenhagen or Budapest, go to church

Church of the Savior in Copenhagen, Denmark

We don’t want to preach to you, but the church will host some very legendary cultural events around Christmas. From the LGBT Christmas Carol Service in Dublin In addition to classical concerts, nativity dramas, etc., you can also see or participate in some great seasonal events. (Incidentally, the San Francisco gay choir every year during the Christmas chorus sounded holy !) 

Religion and culture are inseparable, but if you want to focus on the latter, skip the 400 steps¬†of our Savior’s Church tower¬†360 degree panoramic views of Copenhagen during the Christmas season.

Hanukkah is also celebrated XNUMX months, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Budapest, it would go Dohany Street Synagogue large and witness musicians, writers and poets perform to provide commemorate victims of the Holocaust. If this is too bitterness for you, then stroll to the streets of the Jewish quarter, picked up a Cadillac that will make you smile on the face of recovery.

Need more inspiration for cool and warm Christmas destinations and unusual Christmas traditions? Check out this list of diverse Christmas holidays city best place for families, solo travelers and couples.

A tradition celebrated like a local

If doing what the locals do is your thing, then there is a series of seasonal traditions that will surely immerse you in the festive atmosphere. Whether it is a pilgrimage, festival, gift giving or watching a Christmas performance, you can find the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in a unique culture and have an unforgettable holiday experience. You can even pick a new tradition for yourself!

Pray like a local in France or Ethiopia

The rock-hewn church pilgrimage site of Lalibela, Ethiopia

If you can’t reach the holy place like the previous magician, don’t worry-there are more amazing cathedrals and temples around the world to visit.

Most churches hold midnight mass; but if you want to take a more secular path, you can venture to pilgrimage as Christians and other believers have done for centuries. If you find yourself near France, set foot on Les Chemis Du Mont-Saint-Michel. This 330 km long medieval pilgrimage route began in Rouen, beyond the tidal island of Mont Saint Michel monastery .

Brave travelers can join the annual pilgrimage to explore the little-known Christmas holiday destinations in Ethiopia. Lalibela was built in the 12th century rock church . Ethiopian Christmas (Genna) is celebrated in December, and the pilgrimage to Lalibela is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This trail starts from anywhere in the country, and you can identify pilgrims based on their flowing white clothing. Oh, of course, from their singing, dancing, and overall joy of public travel.

Gifts like natives in the U.S. or Catalonia

Theo Nadal in Spain

Christmas gift-giving is an ancient tradition which is full of symbolism, love and capitalism. 2018 holiday retail sales of more than $ 1 trillion in the United States.

In the United States in a short period of time, people think that their wallets are as endless as Santa’s sack full of gifts. No other country in the world can buy material goods like Santa. American Santa Claus is a happy old man dressed in red, squeezing in the chimney at night, leaving gifts at home. Then he returned to the North Pole in a flying sleigh propelled by reindeer. We hope you hope to have a smart home security system this year.

Ti√≥ de Nadal (or “Christmas log”) is a traditional Catalan really beat most other Christmas traditions. It involves a hollow log regarded as a household pet. The children “feed” this log every night and protect it from the cold with blankets. Then they defeated Absolute Feces.

As the celebration drew near, the children would pick up the stick and beat it while singing a song urging it to empty their intestines and release the gifts they deserved. If you want to participate in this Catalan Christmas tradition, this song is a bit like this :

poo*nougat (turrón),

hazelnut and mato cheese,
if you have a bad bowel movement*
I will hit you with a stick

Repent like a native in Mexico

Pinatas during Christmas in Mexico

We have accumulated a lot of sin during most of the year. Since the beginning of the second third piece of cake and succumb to overeating, this maybe a little too angry.

Why not celebrate Christmas in the Mexican way and confess in the funniest way? This unusual Christmas tradition sees church squares and residential streets decorated with pulp or clay pinatas. These special editions of pi√Īatas are traditionally shaped like a seven-pointed star, representing the seven deadly sins, and filled with candies. Make your own pi√Īata at home, put on a blindfold, and continue to beat it this Christmas.

After experiencing so many hits, is the energy high?¬†If you are happy Christmas this year in Mexico, you can further indulge in some traditional Mexican tickets¬†lucha free wrestling¬†. After that, why not hungry as you yourself a¬†traditional culinary journey¬†? It’s time to calculate a new “crime‚Äú of 2021 Count it!

Relax like a local in Iceland and New York do

Secret Lagoon near Reykjavik, Iceland

Baby, it’s cold outside-but if you like the cold, then we hope you celebrate Christmas in Iceland.¬†This is the textbook definition of Winter Wonderland!¬†December is the darkest period of the year here, and the capital is illuminated by thousands of lights covered in thick snow.¬†If you’re lucky, you may be able to¬†see the Northern Lights in Iceland Christmas¬†.

Reykjavik immerses itself in spirit by placing sneaky Santa Claus around the city.¬†Try to find 13 hidden Santa holograms hidden on buildings and windows.¬†If too cold, immersed in¬†steaming geothermal lagoon¬†to the natural landscape of Iceland framework – this country are everywhere!¬†If you want to adopt this unusual Christmas tradition in your home, you can make your own little Santa and hide them around the house.¬†Keen on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äča steam lagoon?¬†Your local spa should be able to solve the problem!

Not ready to go¬†this¬†cold?¬†Christmas in New York is an unparalleled experience.¬†As we all know, it is covered with frost, Rockefeller Christmas tree stands proudly in its center¬†Rockefeller Center¬†dazzling store on Fifth Avenue has a window display, make Santa’s studio shame – why not put it all with a¬†Holiday window walking tour¬†(it will make it easier for you to find your way back later with a credit card)?¬†If you are not in New York, but you want that feeling of Christmas in New York, then come¬†to this city that never sleeps as the background of the classic Christmas movie¬†– there are many to choose from.

Relax like a local in Cancun or London

Christmas lights in London

Holidays are family gatherings, where families get together to eat, drink and have fun. However, if you and your family want to have fun in other places, go to Cancun : Home of the best places to spend one Christmas! Celebrate this season like the approximately three million Cancunians by enjoying the city’s rich natural wonders.

From white sandy beaches to zipline adventures through the jungle, and zero chance of frostbite toes, you will spend a tropical Christmas in Cancun. Despite the warm and sunny weather, the festive atmosphere is still pervading, and many restaurants offer Christmas dinner menus (reservation required). Most bars, clubs and resorts located in the hotel zone will host a series of themed activities for all ages, from Christmas karaoke to sand snowman.

For more adventure,¬†explore the underwater museum by snorkeling¬†or take to land, sea, river and sky¬†Xenses¬†by Xcaret-a paradise for thrills.¬†Can’t go this year?¬†There is always 2022!

Want a more traditional and comfortable Christmas? For the quieter things, see London in England happy. You can shuttle between the bars and feel the special winter atmosphere of this city at the same time. Art and cultural addicts, rejoice! Museum of Natural History has its own ice rink , the Victoria and Albert Museum is holding free meetings 28 to 30 January.

Pop into the¬†Hyde Park Winter Wonderland¬†, one of the best things to do in London during the Christmas season.¬†The park will be home to the world’s tallest movable observation wheel-do we need to say more?¬†Oh, by the way, admission to the event is free!

To maintain the atmosphere of the park by finding the celebration of the Royal Botanic Gardens Christmas in London this year (or end) party.

If you want to spend a British Christmas in the distance, take some of these ideas and turn them into your own ideas in the comfort of your home. For you and your family to make some classic pub food, garden or visit a local skating rink, or put on true love and become comfortable.

To find out more unusual Christmas traditions and see how other parts of the world are celebrating this holiday, read about fascinating Christmas traditions around the world.

End it with an epic New Year’s Eve

So, let us assume that you have passed Christmas and it is time to celebrate the New Year.¬†There are hundreds of traditions to choose from, and it’s easy to miss some of the New Year experiences on the list.¬†Every corner of the globe welcomes this new chapter with its own unique New Year ceremony, which includes food, traditions, and outdoor parties that extend to dawn.¬†Let this New Year’s Eve guide inspire you to start 2022 right!

Usually you can dive into the Dutch New Year…

New Year's Diving in the North Sea in Scheveningen, Netherlands

…But not this year.¬†After frantic drinking, fireworks and parties, the¬†Dutch¬†like to start the new year by taking off their clothes and diving into the cold and dark waters of the North Sea.¬†In the middle of winter.¬†When you have a hangover.¬†And almost naked.¬†Fortunately, for those who are not too excited about this prospect, due to coronavirus restrictions, this year’s annual cold event has been cancelled.¬†Ice bath, anyone?

If this doesn’t sound like the fun you want, choose a quiet party with up to two visitors, with hot drinks, central heating and getting dressed-so happy!

Party madeira style

Fireworks in Funchal, Madeira

Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, is a sleepy harbor city in winter. But as March 31 approaches, the main street Avenida Arriaga welcomes orchestras, choirs, bands and folk bands . Although this year may be a quieter celebration, you can always plan for next year.

Usually, the city will suddenly rejuvenate in one of the world’s largest fireworks displays. Many cruise ships docking in the port blew their whistle and lit their fireworks, making you feel like you are on the scene, as if you are in the hottest, noisiest, and most spectacular New Year’s scene.

Attend the biggest pool party in Budapest

Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi Baths Budapest’s doors remain open until 3:00 a.m. to celebrate the New Year in the most exciting way: the Szechenyi Baths New Year’s Eve Party . This New Year’s ceremony attracts thousands of people and promises to provide cocktails and pars. Links, water battles, whirlpools, light shows, music and more-at the same time you can drink potions in the famous outdoor swimming pool. If you think about it, you are actually helping your body.

Book in advance for the biggest pool party in the world, because this event is always sold out. Although it may not be held this year, you can add it to the 2021 must-do list.

Participate in the world’s largest water battle in Thailand in March 2022

Songkran during the Thai New Year

Is there no chance to travel during the Western New Year? Forget the nasty Gregorian calendar that you can never keep up with, but celebrate the Thai New Year. Songkran, as the name suggests, takes place between 13th and 15th every year, so start saving!

Songkran is Thailand conducted a water war, it makes you soaked to the skin. Arm yourself with buckets and super absorbents, leaving anything that is not waterproof. Although the origin of this festival is not specific, traditionally, during the Songkran Festival, Buddhists pour water on Buddha statues, the elderly, and young people as part of the purification ceremony.

In Bangkok , the opening ceremony was at Wat Pho , and the biggest party took place near the notorious Khao San Road. Remember, the core of Songkran rituals and participants were found not to respect the local culture will be fine.

Spend the beginning of a civilization in Florence

Fireworks over Florence Cathedral, Italy

Florence is a New Year’s destination, which is to foam with a plastic champagne glass before the sun rises.¬†You can have as Medicis participate as a party, surrounded by centuries-old decadent marble¬†cathedral¬†stroll to Piazzale Michelangelo, where usually hold a unique street party.

Florence‚Äôs world-famous museums¬†usually change their opening hours to keep visitors until after midnight, but not this year.¬†Saving New Year’s late night / early morning visit¬†the Uffizi Gallery¬†for 2021, generally open 8:15 am to 1:50 pm in the New Year.

Throwing plates and jumping off chairs in Denmark

Broken Plates for Danish New Year

New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen begin promptly at 6:00 pm, accompanied by the Queen’s New Year’s speech, followed by champagne and wreath cake.¬†Another year, you can plan to strike up a conversation¬†Tivoli Gardens¬†, is open until 00:30.¬†The Tivoli Julemarked (Christmas Market) still exists, and¬†Grog¬†will still pour it.

This is a Danish New Year ceremony you can celebrate this year! Join the Danish tradition of smashing dishes on March 31st, smashing dishes at the door of friends and neighbors. This tradition should bring good luck and wealth to the coming year. The bigger the pile of broken plates in front of your house, the more friends you will have who care about your luck. (When you only need a broom, all this luck!)

After smashing the plate, the Danes then climbed onto the chair and jumped off¬†Gott Nitel¬†while yelling¬†!¬†, sometimes holding a glass of wine in his hand.¬†New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen is unforgettable, sometimes even manic.

Eating grapes and burning portraits in Colombia

a√Īo viejo burning colombian statue

The New Year in Colombia is on March 31st. In addition to the usual firework show, this South American country has some traditions of its own.

Just as they are in¬†Spain¬†, like most Latin countries, the locals when the clock struck midnight the twelve grapes in his mouth.¬†Each grape represents the wish they wish to achieve.¬†If you are trying this for the first time, don’t drink champagne and look at the work of the experts.

Other traditions include burning statues (a√Īo viejo), representing all aspects of the previous year you want to stay, and putting lentils in your pockets to attract wealth for the coming year.

If you love to travel, then you will love Colombia’s unique New Year tradition of running around carrying a suitcase when the bell strikes at midnight. This is to ensure a lot of active and safe travel in the new year. Take your suitcase and walk around the block with your pocket full of lentils. Join in and really immerse yourself in the local culture-and give yourself every opportunity to travel in 2022!


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