Three Zen Baskets for Your Life Coach (the Pursuit of Happiness)


Forgiving yourself

To give convenience to others is to treat oneself with kindness; to tolerate others is to forgive oneself. Everyone has everybody’s needs; everybody has everybody’s dream; everybody has everybody’s value. Some things cannot be forced; some conditions cannot be forced; some people cannot be forced to stay; some paths cannot be forced; some principles cannot be forced; some concepts cannot be forced. Understand that happiness comes from mentality.

“Lion the King

If you are a lion and others call you a dog, you will not really become a dog, so you don’t have to be angry about it; if you are a dog and others praise you for being a lion, you won’t really become a lion, so there is no need to be happy for this. Therefore, the praise of others will not make you good; the accusations of others will not make you bad. These are nothing to be persistent. We should treat others’ evaluations of ourselves with this mentality.

Worries & Blind Pursuits

Worry comes from the heart, and all worries come from oneself. There will be many misfortunes, frustrations, failures, blows, pains, loneliness, etc. on the road of life. When you let go of all of this, the soul will be freed. If you don’t let it go, it will be a big disaster. At the same time letting go does not mean giving up, only knowing how to measure the pros and cons of things, but not trying to force oneself, but not wronging oneself. Blindly pursuing things that do not belong to you will not only lose yourself, but also increase your troubles. It can be seen that letting go is for a better choice.

Questions for Readers:

1 Do you think that when we are looking for happiness, we know what it is? And why is it necessarily in the external environment of searches if you are already born to be happy? Are we confusing happiness with contentment?

2 Have you ever been equated with “Lion or Dog”? What do you think might be the problem with the perspective of these people?

3 What does it mean personally for you to let things go? Is it the same or similar as to let people go in your life?

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Stay calm in peace, cultivate happiness and your true well-being.

Kind regards,

Petro Rybalchenko

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