Tunes of Your Heart (Life Coaching for Females)

Life is a practice, and what you cultivate is a heart. When the heart is soft, everything is perfect. When the heart is pure, the situation is better. When the heart is happy, life is happy. When the heart is relaxed, the troubles will naturally be less, the day will go smoothly, and life will be smooth and comfortable. The more you care, the less the fun. Seen lightly, everything is relieved.

A good attitude is better than a good life. When the mind is changed, all thoughts are changed; when the mind is connected, all directions are connected. To keep human values, one needs to cultivate one’s heart, and to do things with one’s heart. Use calmness to dilute complex emotions, open-mindedness to release the imprisoned past, and the peace of your heart to welcome a bright future. The mentality determines the height of life, and the world is good.


Share with us your experiences and concerns about today. After all, all spheres of a person’s life affect his productivity, and sometimes they are even capable of making adjustments to our genetic code. During individual transformational life coaching sessions, we will tell you about your best aspects of life, support you during times of stress, and help you find joy, peace and happiness. We will talk about many vital things. We sincerely hope you will find support and care from us.

During the first week of working with you, we will draw up an individual work program with you, talk about the problems that worry you in life, about the goals that you would like to achieve, about the aspirations that you have for other people and your immediate environment.

Our coaching consists of three main steps – identifying problems, solving them and preventing the likelihood of their re-elimination.

Feel like you’re in good hands. The gifts of nature, the tranquility of the sky and the power of the ocean will come to our aid.

In case of medical assistance need parallel to coaching cycles, the program is supported by the famous Ukrainian Gynecologist, Reproductologist & Surgeon Dr. Elena Mozgovaya (MD-PhD).

Love Vibes,

Petro Rybalchenko

The Program Coordinator

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