Husband and wife – the front destiny of many generations

“A hundred years of cultivation can be carried on the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation can sleep together.”

Someone used the gaze of five hundred times in their previous life to pass you once in this life, so as to meet, get acquainted, know each other, and stay together in this world.

Husband and wife are destined, fate in the dark, love…

Marriage encounters are the cycle of cause and effect, definite reincarnation, the cause of the past life, the fruit of this life, and the ability to become a husband and wife in this life.

It must be the destined person to meet you.

Meeting and loving in this life is destined to be the cause of the past life. Ten years of repairing can get on the same boat, and a hundred years of repairing can sleep together. When two people become a husband and wife, it is a combination of aspiration and karma same time. All kinds of aspiration karma, after several lifetimes, no matter the change of time and space, no matter whether it is rich or poor, ugly or handsome, will still happen. Or make a vow in the previous life, agreeing to marry again in the next life. Or be grateful and willing to serve. Or the old debt is in trouble, and it will be repaid in this life. Because of the strength, they met again in reincarnation, and each other’s souls recognized each other, and they often fell in love at first sight and felt familiar. All active methods are the harmony of cause and condition. In the destined circumstance of cause and condition, our only choice is to have no choice. Everything that happens is supposed to happen, and all causes and conditions are sufficient. All encounters in previous lives are reunions after a long absence, and all experiences in this life are gifts from heaven.

The two became a couple, which was destined by previous marriages and came from fate. Be kind to each other, and don’t add new ones after the old karma. Stop complaining, you have to give more love to love each other. You have to understand that all living beings with predestined conditions come from predestined conditions. The compassion is not only for other sentient beings, but also for those closest to you. You must treat each other kindly throughout your life. Make the people around you happy, the intimacy becomes smoother.

Husband and wife are fate, and children are paying off debts. If you don’t get together, you don’t come without debts.

You are affectionate to me, and I admire you.

Husband and wife are the deepest practice. The four methods of giving, loving words, benefiting, and colleague, are to save others, and they are also the best way for couples to get along. Give your best to each other, sincerely appreciate each other’s words and deeds, so that the other person can accept your love. Waking up from time to time, a heart of gratitude and cherishing fate will bring infinite joy to yourself and your family. Always stay in awe of the sun, the beauty, and the person you love. The marriage of husband and wife has three levels: body and mind.

The Shurangama Sutra says: “You love my heart, and I pity you, so it is a cause and condition, through thousands of calamities, and is always bound.” The ideal couple is physically in harmony, psychologically dependent, and spiritually successful. From nature to affection, from affection to love. Since the world is flooding with no love, but mere desire now.

Between husband and wife, there is an energy belt connected, no matter how far apart two people are, there is a common energy field. Love, resentment, emotions, family karma are all passed on. The luck of the family is the result of the energy field of the husband and wife. Love and gratitude can relieve all the negative energy between husband and wife. Love must begin with love, and only love can heal each other’s hearts.

Family harmony, peace of mind, higher energy levels of the husband and wife, the body and career will get better and better. The purer the energy field, the better things can be attracted.

The knot is a husband and wife, and there is no doubt about love.

Couples, the more tolerant, the more happiness is. In the world of Sao Po, life is rarely complete. The biggest problem for many families is not trying to find a way to solve the problem, but arguing who is right and who is wrong, always thinking that accusations and quarrels can solve the problem. In fact, many times, husbands and wives are not really angry, but because of disappointment or worry, they feel that they are not being valued enough. In fact, it is because of insecurity and lack of love. Repay old debts with gratitude, don’t resent the heavens and hate the earth, before dissolving the fruit of the previous life, add the cause of suffering in this life. People gather because of fate, warm because of affection, and disperse because they don’t cherish.

Think about it, who sees through the sadness behind your smile, who remembers your most affectionate face back then, who understands the tenacity behind your tired and busy work, who understands the love under your anger? When you meet, cherish more; when you leave, please be kind.

Husband and wife are the deepest practice, and home is the best dojo.

Becoming a husband and wife is to solve the entanglement of many generations through you. Some people are born to be with you; some people are born to face you. Helping fate, moving clouds and flowing water, like a good teacher and helpful friend; adversity, many troubles, painful, become your most difficult life homework and challenge. Life is not bitter, what is bitter is excessive desire. The true meaning of husband and wife, love and give each other space. Let go of your attachments, attachments are not love, attachments are fear of loss. You have to understand that the other party is independent and does not belong to you, but learns the intimacy by forming a relationship with you. In the world, only faith and only love can support the advancement of life. The more you give, the better life will grow. Love comes from the heart, the energy flows between lives, and the only goal of love is the growth of the soul. The most beautiful love in the world is the union of life and life, and the hope of the soul for the soul. Practice with love in the years, put all love on one person; because of one person’s love, love the entire universe.

Enter your heart with compassion, love others with your heart, and be beautiful and at ease. Everything arises from conditions and arises from thoughts. Seeing through the reincarnation of the red dust, but still deeply in love with this whirling world. Every life is always enriched by another person, and all the sorrows and joys of a lifetime are spent, just to meet such a person. The fire cannot be extinguished, and the waters cannot be flooded. If there is an afterlife, it will be for you!

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