Self-cultivation, the body is like a swallow, the heart is like the sea

Life is a practice, practice on the outside and practice on the inside. Inner cultivation is to cultivate the qualities of walking in the world for others, to cultivate the indifferent state of mind, to cultivate knowledge and to do good, to choose, and to have a calm mind like water. External cultivation means the unity of knowledge and action, and it ends at the perfection of goodness. A lifetime is a practice, the short is travel, and the long is life.

To cross a person is to cross oneself, and to cross oneself is to cross one’s heart. And where life ultimately takes us, the key lies in how we ferry. Cross people, cross heart, cross yourself, live a serious life with one heart, and you will have a happy life in the end. What you know by your heart, what you see by your heart. Everything is determined by my own mind. “Sharp energy is hidden in the chest, and the air is floating in the face, talent can be seen in the matter, and loyalty can be applied to others.”

Refine qi transforms the spirit, refine spirit flows into emptiness, refine emptiness flows into Dao. The “Great Learning” says: “The ancient desires of the world should rule their country first; those who want to rule their country must first align their families; those who desire to align their families must cultivate their own bodies first; those who wish to cultivate their own bodies must first correct themselves. If you want to correct your heart, you must first be sincere; if you want to be sincere, you must first know it, and know the thing. First the knowledge, then the sincerity, first sincerity and then the heart, first the heart that is right and then self-cultivation, first self-cultivation, and then the family to be together, first the family together, then the country to be governed governed in the world.”

Use character to move others, change to influence others, use heart to inspire others, use values to conquer others faith in you, use actions to drive others, use sunlight to shine on others, and persistence to win others.

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