Brand is a symbol of a product or service. The area covered by it includes core prices, commitment to slippery, image, goodwill, corporate culture, and overall operation management. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the brand is the sum of the overall competitiveness of an enterprise.

In fact, the competitiveness of a country is closely related to the number and influence of its brands in the international market. Especially in the industry competition in the era of micro-profit, the foundry model without its own brand is no longer the comparative interest of industries industry.

At present, for small and medium-sized enterprises many Asian countries, developing brands is not so much a strategy to make money, as it is a road to survival that cannot be turned back. The same is true for national economic development. Know the importance of brand management, but how to conduct brand management is a more practical issue. Because after designing the core value and positioning of the brand, immediately how to market the brand, polish the brand, and manage the brand, so that the brand can bring a generous premium to the enterprise, is the top priority for your country’s overall industrial transformation.

Since the financial tsunami, the European price crisis and the chain effect of the Chinese money shortage, how to establish a brand, how to manage it, and how to deal with the crisis are the core points of this course. This course is suitable for design, business management, marketing, international trade and business related institutes, as well as corporate cadres who are currently working on the brand.


Week 1 Introduction to Brand Design and Management

Meaning of Brand, Brand Management (Brand Management) ,Meaning of Design, Design Management (Design Management, Brand Features, Importance of Brand, Evaluation of Brand Development Capability

Week 2 Brand Planning

Brand Core Price Planning, Brand Master Plan, Brand Team Planning, Brand Design Team Planning, Product Planning, Brand Strategy Planning

Week 3 Brand Design

Practice Brand Design Work, Brand Style Design, Brand Identity System, Brand Story, Consumer Experience Design

Week 4 Marketing Your Brand

Introduction Brand Marketing, Media Marketing, Topic Marketing, Disaster Marketing, Internet Marketing, Sports Marketing; Certification, Exhibition, Competition, Word-of-mouth Marketing

Week 5 Brand Management Strategy

Brand Diagnosis, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Access, Brand Strategy Planning, Brand Reengineering, Brand Strategy under the Financial Tsunami

Week 6 Brand Communication (Brand Image Shaping)

Brand External Communication, Brand Advertising, Brand Internal Communication

Week 7 Brand Value

Brand Value Calculation, Brand Equity, Sustainable Brands

Week 8 Brand Crisis Management

Brand Crisis, Brand Crisis Prevention, Brand Crisis Management, Brand Crisis Communication

Week 9 Brand Internationalization

Planning for Brand Internationalization, International Channels Section, Brands and Market Entry Strategies, International Marketing Brands