On Thankful Heart

I am grateful that there are so many people in who have come to contribute to everyone without any conditions, in order to hope to spread love. If you feel the love and dedication of the volunteers, please give this love to others.

With a soft heart, a heart of compassion, a heart of acceptance, a heart of joy, meeting everyone can be joyful, and can be happy to accept. This is a great improvement for you, and it is also a way to purify your mind and soul. The only way to travel.

I remember a classic story: There was a young man working in a small hotel. It was a day of heavy rain. There were two old people who were embarrassed to hide from the rain, but there were no more rooms that night. Seeing that it was still raining outside, the old man couldn’t find another hotel. The young man gave them his room, and he lied down on the table outside all night. Early the next morning, the two elderly people wanted to pay for the house but were declined by the young man. Two months later, the man called to New York, USA, inviting the young man to be a guest, and sent in both the travel expenses and the round-trip ticket. The young people found out that the two old people were the presidents of internationally renowned hotels. They invited this young man to be the general manager of one of their hotels. This is the famous “Hilton.”

Many people live with a low self-esteem, always feel that success is far away from them, and think that those great careers must not match them. But I have never discovered that when we discover with our sincere and beautiful hearts, all the possibilities will appear by our side. Not all success is caused by a model, but people are always willing to believe that the success of others is inevitable, but it is impossible for them to think it is their turn.

Please remember that in life, everything can happen. Even the possibility is small, as long as we do it with our heart, everything will be transformed by your heart.

You can have this mentality when doing everything, and you will find that all the troubles you encountered can be solved. Throw aside any good or bad reviews, and the only thing to do is to do well.

No matter how simple things are, even if it is sweeping, sweep the floor carefully, sweep the floor clean and then clean. Be grateful for each moment, for each gain, for everyone who walks around you, cherish, care for, understand, and tolerate him. As long as there is gratitude in this world, you will find that life is full of sweetness; if there are only complaints, You will find that all negative things will hit you.

To be grateful to everyone who made you, you must be grateful to everyone who frustrated you; to be grateful to everyone who pushed you, you must be grateful to everyone who made you backwards. We have to turn negative emotions into positive and push positive emotions to a climax. When we use this kind of thinking and mentality to understand the world, we will really be happy. If you are not happy, even letting you be emperor is in vain.

In fact, happiness is very simple. It is enough to look at everything around you with an appreciation. If our minds always grasp the present moment, we will find that you will not have any complaints. No matter how difficult things are, you will face them with great joy.

Kazuo Inamori said that if you donate everything you have once or twice in your life, it is equivalent to letting yourself die completely and starting over again, and life will be meaningful.

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