What is female qigong? Regular practice can keep away from gynecological diseases

Qigong for females is a set of practice methods created based on contemporary women’s physiological characteristics, living environment, growth and development in various periods, as well as the causes of various diseases and the mechanism of prevention and treatment. Women’s Qigong has the functions of regulating the channels and collaterals, and can effectively prevent and treat gynecological diseases. Female friends may wish to practice women’s qigong.

What is Female Qigong?

  Female Qigong is divided into two types of exercises: static and kinetic exercises, and kinetic exercises are further divided into five sets of exercises: children’s female qigong, young women’s qigong, early-aged women’s qigong, middle-aged women’s qigong and elderly women’s qigong. This exercise combines dynamic and static exercises, and long-term practice can not only prevent and cure diseases, but also receive the effects of health, enhancement of wisdom, eugenics and education, and beautification of the social life of the family. It is also effective for women’s shaping and beauty.

  Women’s exercises and men’s exercises have many things in common, but due to the differences in the physiological characteristics, living environment, and psychological state of men and women, the principles and methods of their practice are also different. For example, in general men’s exercises should first be refined to transform qi, while women’s exercises should start with the practice of blood and qi; men’s exercises should start from the lower pubic area, and women’s exercises should start from the Tanzhong acupoint between the breasts.

  The internal organs and limbs of women are basically the same as those of men and women, but many diseases and prevention methods that women suffer from have much in common with men. Therefore, the basic exercises of Chinese women’s qigong are also suitable for men. If they can practice for a long time, they will also have a good effect on the health of men’s human body functions and the prevention and treatment of diseases. However, Chinese female qigong has its own specifics. Every movement and every thought activity in this exercise is based on the unique reproductive function, the unique living environment and the unique way of thinking, as well as the prevention and treatment of diseases.  For example, the health care of female reproductive system functions, monthly menstrual period health care, pregnancy health care, postpartum health care, sexual health care, and the resulting diseases such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, breast hyperplasia, dysmenorrhea, uterine prolapse, headache, dizziness, low back pain, root pain, etc. have obvious effects. If you practice this exercise for a long time, it will have a good effect on some difficult diseases.

What are the benefits of female qigong?

1. Cultivate zhenqi and resist premature aging. An important function of qigong exercise is to cultivate true qi. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five sense organs and skin are the external reflections and manifestations of the qi of the five internal organs. With sufficient zhenqi and strong blood in the five internal organs, the external manifestations of the five internal organs are bound to be full of vitality and moisturizing, presenting a healthy beauty. For example, in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “the liver opens the eyes to the eyes”. If the liver qi is sufficient, the eyes will be piercing. Through qigong exercises, the zhenqi will become more and more abundant, and the ability to resist diseases will be strengthened. The premature aging makes youth permanent.

2. Qigong can improve microcirculation, make the face ruddy and skin moisturized. Experimental observations have found that Qigong exercise can improve the microcirculation function of the whole body, open more capillaries, and increase blood flow in the blood vessels, thereby promoting tissue metabolism, increasing skin nutrients, improving skin tissues, and becoming delicate and moisturized. In addition, Qigong can also prevent skin aging and loss of elasticity by regulating the functions of the endocrine system, and beautify the skin.

3. Health care of reproductive system function. Monthly health care for menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, sex life, and the resulting diseases, such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, breast hyperplasia, dysmenorrhea, uterine prolapse, headache, dizziness , Low back and leg pain, root pain on the back of the foot, etc. have obvious auxiliary treatment effects.

4. Qigong can effectively eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength, so that practitioners can maintain vigorous energy. The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the psychological tension it brings to people is getting bigger and stronger. A common response to tension is fatigue. People who are in a state of fatigue are often mentally tired, and their skin and flesh are loose. Qigong exercise can effectively relieve and restore the excessive excitement of the nervous system, quickly eliminate the fatigue of the body, and make people full of energy to do things. Vitality is a symbol of youth, and youth is a symbol of beauty. A clear-headed, full-spirited, and quick-responsive image is an important aspect of human beauty.

5. Qigong can beautify people’s temperament and cultivate their temperament. True beauty is a harmonious unity of face and body, body and spirit. Among them, people’s mental outlook, temperament, demeanor, etc. are the inner manifestations of the outside. The method of “adjusting the heart” in qigong exercise not only contains the content of teaching people to stay calm, but also has an important role in cultivating temperament. Normally paying attention to self-cultivation and self-cultivation can make the practitioner’s mind and body and the external environment reach a balance, feel comfortable, open-minded, and open-minded.

6. Women’s qigong can also increase the production of other visceral qi. The effect of dredging the meridians, adjusting the yin and yang, strengthening the body and eliminating evils, has a good auxiliary treatment effect on women’s infertility, high and low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, neurasthenia, chronic nephritis, menopausal syndrome and other diseases.

Practicing qigong is inseparable from the “three tunes”:

The first step is to adjust and control conscious thinking activities. The basic requirement is to get rid of selfishness and distractions, to be “clear of heart and few desires” in order to achieve a state of tranquility. In order to practice the exercises better, one must choose a quiet environment, a fixed time and a place. Before the exercise, clean the two stools, and then undress and untie, so as not to affect the calmness.

The second step is pranayama, which is to adjust and control the breathing to help the mind and mind stay calm. The basic requirement is to breathe “fine, quiet, uniform, and long” in order to gradually reach the state of “silent, continuous flow in and out, and fading out.” When exercising, go with the flow and don’t rush for success to avoid deviation.

The third step is to adjust the body. That is to adjust and control the body, maintain a certain posture to help calm. Maintaining a static posture for a long time can adjust the distribution of blood throughout the body. Qigong body conditioning generally includes five dimensions: sitting, lying, standing, kneeling, and walking, that is, five exercise postures. Any posture must be coordinated with heart conditioning and breathing. The principle is “to take nature as the highest and comfort as the method”, but the sitting posture is suitable for beginners.

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