No More Crying

People have a lot of suffering. There can be two sufferings, three sufferings, eight sufferings, and immeasurable sufferings. Among them, there are four typical sufferings-birth, old age, sickness, and death, pregnancy.

Every child comes to this world with a scream, and no child will come with a smile, indicating that birth is a pain. When a person is old, his legs are trembling with crutches, his teeth are not allowed for what he wants to eat, and what he wants to see cannot be seen clearly, the person is sick. As the saying goes, one-third of a cold, and one-third of a stomachache.

In addition to the four sufferings of “birth, old age, sickness and death”, there are many other sufferings: you can’t get what you want, people you like can’t be together, and people you don’t like are always dangling in front of you. So it is really not easy for us to get real happiness. To understand feeling is to understand the mental activity state of a person in life, to understand that life is either happy, or painful, or not suffering or unhappy.

Then we know how to adjust our body and mind, and how to face everything we do. Because, no matter what emotion it is, one of these three cannot be escaped. Everything is just passing by in a flash. If this is the case, why should there be anger, why should there be hatred?

We should be wise men of life, and feel every state of the body with a pure heart. When we understand this state, we can thoroughly understand the value of our own existence. In the past, when I was misunderstood by others, I would be unhappy, or even depressed for a long time; now that I understand “sufficiency”, I will no longer suffer from it.

In addition to receiving, there is also thinking. To think is to form a concept through thinking. People often generate various thoughts in their minds, and then distinguish and judge them. This is just thinking. Thinking is also some of the perceptions generated by the six senses produced by the connection of the six elements with the six dusts, through the imagination and judgment of consciousness. If we analyze and think about everything other people say to ourselves, your thoughts will be very complicated. Such people must be very uncomfortable in life. This uncomfortableness is because of too much thinking.

Every practitioner to be simple in thinking, to do things simply, to communicate simply, and to simplify the complicated things before facing them. This is the “thinking” needed in life and work-simple thinking. The other is action, action is pretentiousness, flow, change. Move, move; flow, flow; change, change. So what is constantly moving, flowing and changing in our lives?

As a matter of fact, the transitional change precisely explains the central concept of “emptiness” in the East. All things are transitional and change. The gathering of predestined conditions leads to generation, and the dispersion of predestined conditions leads to destruction. All things cannot be fixed forever. Just like flowing water, water is always flowing from high to low. Everything in our body and the relationship between people are also in the process of change, just like water is flowing and changing. Just as you make friends of the opposite sex, you should also think that everything will change over time. Don’t be stubborn about the good feeling of meeting for the first time. Everything and everything exist in the existence of change.

Your health today, the love of your parents, and the care of your friends are all changes, flow, birth and death; success is temporary, failure is temporary, passion is temporary, and broken love is temporary-everything will pass. I have been mentioning these three words, namely “change”, “flow”, and “BIRTH”, because I hope that everyone will remember them, and then put the wisdom of observation in your life. In this case, from From now on, your heart is moving towards enlightenment.

Young people must make great wishes in this world to make our lives more exciting in a short time. We must constantly remind ourselves that there are so many people in this world that have existed, and still exist, but not everyone’s existence is meaningful. Some people live as heavy as a mountain, some live as light as a feather, and some people die finish their life path employed by the United Nations, some people will be thankful for it in the room for a long time without anyone knowing.

No more crying, everything goes and circulates as it should have happened to you or will be. But let yourself be through love, creation and sustaining the harmony. Leave no place for suffering, give birth for happiness, and if not enough – give birth again and again until it comes. As for water you call the tears of pain – better cry from happiness. And if all the material riches, knowledge, skills and talents, revenues or followers don’t make you stop crying – try motherhood, there is something you need to always need you..

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