Plowing the land and waiting for a good harvest

What is the real meaning of life? How can I realize the value of life through my own efforts? Then, see if you have a soft heart to get along with your family and friends? Do you respect, understand, and accept everyone?

We should cherish every moment and every healthy minute in our lives, cherish every day we live, and always remind ourselves of the meaning of life, and ask ourselves, what can the efforts of my team and I contribute to this society and the world?

To live meaningfully, we must cultivate our soft heart, love, tolerance and dedication, and try our best to do everything around you well. Otherwise, we will come here, come in such a hurry, not knowing the meaning of our existence, but leave in a hurry.

You know, everyone who comes to this world has limited rewards. When your rewards are exhausted, your life will be a mess. Therefore, in our lifetime, we must continue to cultivate the land and be willing to give, so that the blessings will not be exhausted.

Everyone has this experience, when you only know that you pay without asking for rewards, you may get more. Similarly, if you pay less, the rewards will be pitiful. To put it bluntly, when we spread our love to others without hesitation, we often get the most feedback. Your heart will become soft, accepting and tolerant, and your life will become wonderful. Everything that exists in the world is connected to each other and connected to our hearts. There used to be a lily in the vase in my room, and I always communicate with it with a soft heart.

Whenever a friend comes as a guest, he will always praise it for its splendid blooming. This is the result of planting flowers with heart. Interested friends may wish to try, plant a flower in your shop, let everyone praise it in pleasant language, and you will find that this flower will take longer to bloom. You praise the flowers, the flowers give you a more lasting fragrance, and your contribution is fed back to yourself at this moment.

It’s like looking in a mirror, you smile into the mirror, and it smiles at you; if you growl at it angrily, it will respond with equal anger. In fact, isn’t our life the same? What kind of mentality you use to face life, life will return to you in what state. There were dozens of elderly people in the temple where I saw monks, all of whom were 60 or 70 years old. Of course, so many old people love me as a little child. They give me all their love, and leave it to me no matter what good things they have, until I leave there. Later, these old people passed away one after another, and I never saw them again when I went back.

So I think the only way to repay is to spread the people’s care and love to me towards more people through me..

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