Materiality – away from the obstacle of emptiness

First, let us understand the “five aggregates”, namely form, feeling, thinking, behavior, and consciousness. Things that have colors or actually exist, like our bodies and images, are called “colors.” “Lose” includes male and female colors, as well as life, obstacles, and changes.

When we understand all the “materiality”, we can understand the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and consciousness that belong to us. Look at the color with your eyes, listen to the sound with your ears, smell your nose, taste your tongue, and touch things with your body.

It seems to say that I wear clothes, the feeling of my clothes and my body, or how I feel when I touch something, it is called the body’s contact with the outside world. The different methods of our consciousness are called “six senses”.

When we hear compliments, we will get excited, be cursed by others, and we will resist and even get revenge. If you smell a good smell, you will be greedy. This is the six impures, behaviors and thoughts will be produced in a wrong state. You should be greedy for things that shouldn’t be greedy, you should watch things that shouldn’t be seen, and you should eat things that shouldn’t be eaten.

All bad thoughts and confusion problems arise here. What is practice? Transform and adjust the wrong things, whether you see or hear, from your own body and mind, pay attention to your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and consciousness, and correct yourself because of the six elements that are in contact with the outside world. The troubles that arise. If you want to let it follow and feel chaotic, then the problem will follow. Therefore, conflicts between friends, problems between jobs, and disharmony between customers are all caused by our six impures.

We must realize that our physical body is only a colored body, which arises and passes away in an instant. Its existence is a process. Once we understand this truth, we will know that no one can escape, and we will know how to realize the value of life. One definition of materiality is an obstacle.

It’s like I’m sitting here, you can’t sit in the position I chose, this is called an obstacle. There is another definition of materiality called deterioration, which means that what we have now cannot be immutable forever, such as our body, our chair, our house, our interpersonal relationship and so on.

Understanding these two ideas can help us manage our lives better, deal with our interpersonal relationships better, and do what we want to do better. Because we understand more clearly that everything is flowing, arising and passing away, and changing. Nothing lasts forever, the law of existence is like this.

Materiality is to tell us that everything is impermanent, and that all existence is a temporary existence, a process of birth and death. If we understand this truth, we will know how to cherish it. What is acceptance? Feeling is feeling. There are several kinds of knowledge about feeling, like feeling, accepting feeling and suffering.

Pleasure is also called pleasure. Pleasure is happiness, suffering is pain, acceptance is willingness, and containment includes letting go. In fact, renunciation is between no suffering and no happiness. There is no suffering and no happiness. This very simple and clean state is renunciation. Have you ever thought about why happiness is so far away from us? Why does pain always surround us? Why do you always feel that you exist meaninglessly? It’s like sitting here, my legs are painful, and I feel like sitting on pins and needles, and I can’t feel at ease for a moment; when you were thirsty, you suddenly had a sip of water, and I felt very comfortable after drinking it.

Do you think, on what basis is this happiness built? It is based on pain. Now you know that pain can make you happy. So, how do you make yourself happy for a long time? Is the more pain, the more happiness? no. This is just crossing each other, rotating each other.

From my diary today

Today is late evening, and tomorrow we will start a new day. Ladies will walk their dogs, gentlemen will look for Christmas gifts for the ladies in all the shops, but the ladies will still walk their dogs every day. Because they go to happiness through a lot of patience, and this is far from the limit of these ladies.

Today I met a pregnant mother of three children, she baked pancakes on the side of the road and treated me to one, I was so glad that the pregnant mother treated me with such a kindness. And I didn’t have anything to treat her, so I bought more pancakes from her, and when the African kids next door come again, I hope that I will take the pancakes out of the fridge again.

My senses are sharpened now, sometimes they are deep and sensitive, sometimes easily vulnerable but it is because I am a human being to feel what is far beyond the material. I can feel love to whom I talking to and those who are talking to me. Love transforms me and this should be my best result. Children will be fruits of love, not material, alive…

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