Through 5 Gates of Heart Burden

Being able to break through the five “gates” means worries, which are five kinds of worries that cover the minds of sentient beings and prevent people from understanding the right way.

What we are talking about here is to get rid of the five kinds of defilements:


It is normal for people to be greedy by nature. Those who abstain from appetite and contentment, are indifferent to fame and fortune.  There are two points to pay attention to here: First, we are born with desires, so we must be temperate; second, we take fame and fortune down, instead of treating it negatively and not pursuing it. 

People need to eat to nourish the body, which is necessary for life; what is excessive desire?  I won’t eat this meal if it’s not good, but I’ll eat more if it’s good. 

How do you feel about eating in the temple of your heart these past few days?  When your heart is focused on your diet and your sense of taste, you will find that this meal is the best.

But many people are not like this. They chat while eating and think about other issues.  Humans are born with a hobby of storing things.  Everyone knows that when a lion is full and a sheep passes by it, it will not catch it.  But what about us people?  It will freeze the sheep, save it for the next meal if you can’t finish it today, and sell it if you can’t finish it. 

Less desire is a normal life. When you are insatiable, you will create a lot of troubles for yourself. 


How to get rid of anger? When a person is angry, his face will be deformed, his face will be flushed, and the two eyes will burst out. At this time, the blood on his body will freeze briefly.  People who are often angry, the flesh on his face is horizontal; people who always stay kind, their faces bloom like flowers; people who often meditate, their faces are very peaceful, comfortable, and active.

Living, sitting, lying, talking and deporting are so calm.  It can be seen that what kind of mind has what kind of behavior and performance.  Many people have asked me: “What kind of a person do you think you are?”  I say: “Each of you will look at the face. When you look at a person with a very comfortable face, that person will have cultivation and a high level. Such a person will easily succeed in doing things; if this person is full of hatred, you won’t want to talk to him. It’s that simple.”


Get rid of drowsiness and sleep. Adults must sleep for at least six hours a day. If you don’t think it is because of it, don’t go to sleep.  When you are tired, calm your body and mind, and then take a deep breath. 

I was too tired after the lectures and training by the end of Friday, and there were more than two hours before I got to explore more Africa around, and I had to dine and chat with my friends.

  The weather in Africa is very hot again, with a temperature of over 20 degrees. I wore thin clothes. I went back to the appartment to take a shower and sit for a while. My energy quickly recovered.  When I arrived, I was very sleepy and wanted to sleep on the bed. After getting on the bed, I was in good spirits, so I started to watch my favorite videos about jungles and fell asleep.

Everyone must learn to relax and have a degree in life, and this must be grasped by yourself.  Sometimes there is a lot of pressure during work, and there is no way to do things; but first, you must learn to relax your mind and face it with a relaxed mind. This thing cannot be done today, and the spirit is too exhausted then.  Just let yourself take a break and get up early tomorrow to do this thing well. 


To get rid of the negatives and repentances; if you parade without a reason, you will lose your worries as regrets.  To get rid of negatives means to get rid of purposeless behavior, restlessness and delusions in the heart. 

Just now I spoke to you how to settle your mind, put your mind down, and let it go, you can live in the moment.

Therefore,we must observe whether our heart is in the present.  When the water is stirred, it becomes turbid, and when it settles, it becomes clear, and even the bottom of the water can be seen clearly.  Our hearts are also the same. When we are impetuous, we will be up and down, we will lose our sense of reason, and we will be unwise to look at problems. At that time, almost all decision-making and judgments will be wrong; and when our hearts are quiet, we will be very clear.  To deal with everything.

Therefore, it is very important to get rid of repentance. Through meditation, our restless hearts can be settled down so that we can look at the problem calmly. Meditation precepts can produce concentration, and concentration can produce wisdom.

The purpose of removing the cover is to prevent us from being irritable and delusional. 


To get rid of suspicion means that the doubt is not resolved, there is no clear decision on some issues, and the issue is not viewed from a high level.  Smartness is not the same as wisdom.

Many people only look at the problems in front of them.  It seems that the family has broken up, the business has closed down, and the existence of life is meaningless, and many people will be devastated and even choose to go crazy.  If a business goes bankrupt, think about it for decades to make a comeback.  And you may have another way of life when you put the business down. 

Fang Fang wrote a novel called “Ants on the Blade”, saying that an underwhelmed painter was funded and succeeded overseas, but at the same time he also forgot about his marriage.  So remember, there is no one thing that has only one result.

When a person loses his sight and breaks a leg, how do they face their own tomorrow?  What’s the use of complaining?  We should face it from another perspective, accept it, and finally solve it.

The idea of ​​getting rid of the five hindrances can be very helpful. I often use the five hindsights to observe my heart and my own life, because everything in life is the same…

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