On Parenting as a Relaxation

What is relaxation? It is what we often say to follow the feeling and do anything unrestrainedly.

Some people say that birthday celebration is the most attractive thing, in Ancient China you could even hear “Liu Ling was born in the name of wine”. The birth of the celebrities and monarch family members during the Wei and Jin Dynasties was a kind of hidden front of life, a disguise to protect oneself. Today’s people like to get drunk with and have fun all night if they like the nightlife. This kind of celebration is often more formal than content.

Indulge your senses, and ultimately endanger your body and mind. The so-called extremes of things must be reversed. If we overdraw the energy of our body too much, our lives will inevitably be short-lived. Just like a pot of water, you can use a small fire to burn it for a day. If you increase the fire several times, it may be dried in tens of minutes. The same is true for the energy of the body. You could have lived 100 years old, but if you have been overdrawn, your life span will be shortened. If you want to keep yourself healthy and live longer, you can’t overdo it.

Life should constantly maintain different harmonies: harmony between body and mind, harmony with nature, harmony with career etc. The strings are easy to break if they are tight for a long time. A good piano teacher will relax the strings after playing the piano, and re-tune them for the second time. Our body, like a string, must be tight and relaxed, combining work and rest, and we must always pay attention to the harmony of body and mind in our lives. If you can be harmonious, you will not be overly radical, so that you can maintain a calm mind to live life.

What is practice? Practicing is to be aware of your own behavior, and don’t pretend to judge other people’s right and wrong, right and wrong. Those are other people’s things. What does it have to do with you? But we always feel that this is the right thing to do. It is necessary to maintain our own personality, dignity, etc., find a lot of reasons, and then create a lot of right and wrong and troubles for ourselves. Why should you belittle yourself? Why don’t you let yourself go?

In life, we often become such people, and will not face each moment with a more open heart. This shows that we are beings and patients, and we are still very superficial. Many mothers educate their children about what high officials should be, what university professors are, etc. What happens when everyone squeezes toward a spire? I can only make myself frustrated more severely.

When Sanmao was very young, the teacher asked everyone what they would be when they grew up. Many students said that they wanted to be a scientist, head of state, entrepreneur, etc. Only San Mao said that she wanted to be a “happy scavenger”. The teacher talked to her. How could your ideal be a trash picker? What will happen to you if your children say they will pick up trash when they grow up? Will you respect your child’s own choice? Do you also impose your own values, the kind of direction that you approve on your children?

Few people respect their children’s choices and their desires. Children should be guided consciously. If you want him to learn calligraphy, you must first let him like calligraphy so that he can learn it well; don’t force him to do something to let him accept it helplessly. Truly wise parents will guide their children’s hobbies.

People say that “the good ones are not as good as the happy ones”. Only when they devote themselves to the things they like will they be very enthusiastic about doing this; It will not be painful. To cultivate children’s interest, parents need to guide them. People say that the best teachers for children are their parents, because parents know best what their children like.

Take more time to accompany your child, and spend more time to playing together.


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