Being Able to Strengthen Your Heart

The supreme awakened heart can strengthen our aspirations, so that we can firmly walk the right path and achieve good faith. We know that when you do anything in this world, when you have identified the right direction, the rest is to persevere. As long as you can persist, your reward will be great in the end. As the old saying goes, “One who travels a hundred miles is half 90.”

If you can’t stick to many things, then all the previous efforts will be in vain. By the end of 2021, we had a total of more than 50 sessions of meditation, no matter how many people there are, our quality is the same. Even if there is only one person here, we will give him the same quality of sharing. We must stick to our own ideas and practices, and when we hold this kind of thinking, we will surely be able to accomplish our career.

I remember there was a very famous swimmer who once wanted to set a world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. When he swam to the English Channel that day, the fog was very heavy, and in the end he couldn’t hold on, because the fog was too big to see the shore, so he gave up. When he climbed on the boat to see, he was actually not far from the shore.

Therefore, in life, do not give yourself any excuses, including practice, career, and life. You must have the spirit of perseverance. You can’t give up halfway to regret yourself in the end.

Now meditate on these words (any of the following 2 sayings) to share with me writing your feedback in comments. What do they mean to you? I’ll reach you out and hear your vibes to lead you ahead through the harmony and peace in your heart…

If you use a telescope to see others, you will use a magnifying glass to see yourself.


If you don’t read the third watch and five drums, your gong will only be exposed to the cold.

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