Ability to Conquer the Troubles

We say that the development of our inner self can make one’s way and deeds firmer, and a firm person will naturally seldom give birth to troubles. If you practice meditation and application of principles properly, you will naturally lead people to a wider world.

But the problem is that each of us has shortcomings, these shortcomings will affect us, make us difficult. Obstacles and delusions make us unable to extricate ourselves. Worries make us produce toxins, just like the shackles tied to us, corroding our physical and mental health.

There is a saying in the Far East “Do not do all evil, do all good things, purify yourself”. The meaning of self-purification is to quiet our hearts and be clean and thorough. Clean means no worries, no egoism, no obstacles. When you are beautiful and celestial, and others call you ugly, you don’t care at all, otherwise, you will definitely jump up, because you will be seated by the number.

Many women are afraid of being asked about their age when they reach a certain age. It is not so much that the person who asks is impolite, it is better to say that the person being asked has a grudge. When you are eighteen years old, people ask what age counts. But when youth is good at it, this problem turns out to be an offense. You are still you, but your age has changed your young and happy heart. So when you care about something, you will be afraid of something!

In the book “Famous Brand First”, the author pointed out that “Asian fetishism” has been formed. Young people are frantically pursuing luxury brands, hoping to wear success on themselves to gain respect . A survey of Tokyo women between the ages of 20 and 30 shows that nearly 94% of people own a Louis Vuitton product; the penetration rate of other famous brands is also high, 92% own Gucci, 57% own Prada, and 51% own Chanel, from economic upstarts to ordinary people, has become a loyal supporter of luxury goods.

What does this phenomenon show? It shows that under the cover of material, people’s minds are becoming more and more impetuous and pale. A person who truly trusts and respects himself does not need to use these symbolic signs to indicate his status. A person with ample heart, he may also use famous brands, but what he cares about is only the quality, not the advertised by symbolic signs.

In fact, the unreasonable desire to surpass one’s own strength can only cause people to have more troubles. These worries all exist in people’s hearts, and when they are touched by others, they ignite.

Cultivation means to complete the path, to constantly correct the defects of our inner self, to constantly direct negative emotions to the positive, and to constantly open up our minds. The size of your mind determines the pattern of your life, and the pattern of life will affect your future achievements.

You don’t have to be a big business or a character, when you have a certain amount of mind, life will be very happy. Otherwise, everything will fetter you. When others say something to you, you will care a lot. Think about it, we have food every day, a house to live in, and clothes to wear. What do we care about? The most critical needs in life are these points. Why do we care so much about other people’s evaluations? Isn’t eating just to fill our stomachs? Why should I care about the delicacies of the mountains and the sea? Why should I care about the famous brand if I have clothes to keep warm?

Sometimes we may think, if anyone gets cancer, it is his karma, which means that life should end here, if there is no money to cure It is not cured. I remember the Master Sheng Yan from Taiwan, the doctor told him that his life is about to end, only through a major operation. Only then can this disease be cured. However, Master Sheng Yan gave up the treatment, not because he had no money, nor because he might not be cured, but Master Sheng Yan felt that this was karma and his life should be over, so he gave up the treatment. He passed away last year.

Master Sheng Yan was a very great man, and is considered to be the top among Zen fathers. All our obsessions are due to the constant swelling of desires. I don’t want to instill your negative thoughts, but I want you to look at life from a higher and far-reaching realm, and to look at your own existence from a broader perspective. Follow up on your anxiety and worries, find out the cause, and find out the root cause. To stay away from worries, in fact the best way is to subdue it through introspection.

The ancient Zen masters talked about it, such as “Who am I?” “Who is that skeleton?” “Who is that walking in my body?” Think about it, this is an anatomy of ourselves layer by layer. But many people still like to smear things on their faces and spend so much money on themselves because they can’t let go of their ego.

In fact, it is natural to be the best, to maintain a good mentality, to reduce the toxins in our body a little bit, so that when we finally die, we won’t be so painful. Do you know how painful it is for people with cancer? There are thousands of pores on the body that are painful, and every inch of skin is suffering. In the late stage, people can’t sleep, and finally bleed from the seven holes. Think about how uncomfortable it is. While the body is suffering, the mind is still clear.

Do you know that when a person gets angry, the number of cancer cells in his body will double. Therefore, we can’t create troubles for ourselves, we must keep our hearts quiet at all times.

I asked a student: “What is Anzhu? Tell me about it.”

Student answered: “To live is to idle your mind, be pure, without delusions, and live in the present.”

Yes, it can also be said that where your body is, your mind is where you live. You must let go of your cares, attachments, and obstructions about everything in the world, and keep yourself in a state of tranquility, joy, and peace at all times. This kind of dwelling requires us to constantly feel in the state of the unity of body and mind.

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