Transformational ecolife coaching:”Zen – what happens in the soul on the wake of azure waters”

Today we will talk about the transformations that often confront us with a choice and sometimes affect entirely our destiny. These are irreversible internal fluctuations of a person’s consciousness, manifested in the fact that he already feels on the threshold of the point of no return to the previous way of life, but nevertheless cannot decide where to go next and with whom to connect his future life.

The object of our concern may be:

– people with whom we enter into relationships;

– the organizations that define our local way of life;

– ecological environment, which requires improvement of living conditions;

– peace of mind through anxiety and worries about tomorrow;

– the scattering of the lines of our life, which prevents us from focusing on personal success;

– a feeling of loneliness and periods of a sense of vital infertility in the face of social pressure.

This list can be endlessly enumerated in various interpretations of our listeners, but all these problems speak about one thing: a person is looking for a dose of peace and joy, a dose of love and healing from the consequences of various destructive programs. Our individual Zen conversations (from half an hour to an hour each) according to a convenient schedule for you, as well as a plan for changing the lines of your own destiny will help you find completeness and joy inside, feel the kindness that surrounds you in the universe around you.

Following the mode you choose for this program, we offer the first general block of 1 week free coaching to our listeners completely free of charge. Then we can work purposefully for your specific dimension or problem. May the wisdom of the Orient enlighten us all.

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See you soon on the fresh air or your space of peace.

You can enjoy peace with a wide heart.

The heart has everything

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