Classic Chinese Philosophy (1 year low-cost Course for China Oriented Professionals)

Whatever our calling in the international environment, we are constantly confronted with the mentality of distant cultures incomprehensible to us. Sometimes it beckons us with its depth, sometimes the heritage undiscovered in primary sources and the craving to learn the world and the laws of the Universe through the eyes of an original civilization that has come down from ancient times to the present day in a continuous written tradition.

In the circles of modern entrepreneurs and professionals working with China, you can often hear: “Either we do not understand anything, or they are us, we need an interpreter!” But even this is not enough. You can understand culture only by getting acquainted with the values ​​and centuries-old heritage of a civilization that is progressive in its development and cherished by its people.

Being in constant information overloads and being under the influence of mass and mixed esoteric culture, which is indiscernible to us, we are lost in conjectures of what is true and what is fiction.

For this reason, on the way of funding our international programs, we decided to offer listeners an exciting annual course at an affordable and discounted promotional price of only 20 EUR for every 2-lecture week within the course. The first week you can hear completely for FREE to decide whether you would like to join the course that will circulate annually to allow you joining to the group any time.

For the entire period of study, we will consider and discuss the history and content of all the main schools of thought and directions of Chinese philosophy, of which the Western oriental tradition is silent about or speaks of in a rather superficial way.

In the practical outcome of the course all students will be invited for our paid business workshops AT NO COST during the whole 2 semesters.

You will not only learn, feel and understand the Chinese mentality in the street or at your workplace, but also manage, as though according to the Book of Changes, all the main processes of your life and your business, concentrating exclusively on development, harmony, prosperity and longevity, develop premonition and insight as for the future events of your life and your closest surrounding.

We will be glad to see you at our lectures and seminars and looking forward to open and facilitate more programs for you.

With faith in your broadly opening Da Xue Men doors!


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