Female Reproductive Health & the Way of Fertility. Oriental Insight (free course)

This course is part of a new generation Ukrainian reproductology program with the support of the world famous and godmother of thousands of families who overcame infertility, Dr. Elena Mozgova and the Founder of ECOHAB Center Petro Rybalchenko.

We are pleased to invite our female listeners, as well as their husbands and future chosen ones (optional), who are concerned about planning pregnancy, treating infertility using modern eastern telemedicine methods.

In the process of working on the full cycle of the curriculum, students have the opportunity to receive an initial free consultation with a reproductologist

The course is active in the mode of continuous applications and can be conducted at the request of a small or large group, as well as individually.

Week 1 Reproductive Medicine of Sino-Tibetan & Indo-Iranian Traditional Circle (The Natural Gift of Heavens)
Week 2 Types of Female Energy and the Ways of Reproductive Self-Regulation (Sexual Vs Reproductive Realm)
Week 3 Self Diagnostics & Medical Diagnostics of Personal Reproductive Situation
Week 4 Choosing a plan to get pregnant. Best tactics for treatment.
Week 5 Your ideal protocol: what you should know and what to avoid
Week 6 When there is no time to get pregnant and whether Life really can wait you
Week 7 Choosing a satelite for your motherhood happiness
Week 8 Absolute infertility doesn’t exist: WHY?
Week 9 Let’s start & how to start, young and beautiful mother’s school

We invite single females and couples of all ages. The program is non-stop and works on weekly basis. For more details as for schedule and zoom link invitation please fill in the following application form.

“What on earth a monastery pilgrimage? What deserts of Afrasia? What megasuccess?! Give birth!!! In motherhood all your happy dreams become complete…”

“And before that we will touch the very depth of the temple of your soul…”