Why do we love the East?
For its beautiful gardens and tall mosques, temples and monasteries? For sweet food and beautiful inaccessible women? For expensive gifts from husbands and the traditional way of life in an oriental family? Or maybe we are just looking for the meaning of life at the crossroads of worlds and civilizations as a family caravan in the Sahara desert?

For the first time in Europe, our center has prepared a cycle of thematic conversations on the topic of international marriages, where at least one of the spouses is Asian, being either in the citizenship of a particular country or represents one of the original cultures of the mysterious East.

The course is designed primarily for young couples in relationships before marriage, who are currently married, and those who have had such a marriage, but for one reason or another broke up. Also, the course will be useful for young girls who are faced with a difficult choice of marriage in the East.

The course is designed for 12 weeks, where listeners can listen to lecture material, discuss various socio-cultural aspects of the modern family and cultivate solutions to various complex and complex issues of their lives in practical seminars.

1. Sociocultural aesthetics of modern societyCraving the unknown in people and the choice towards oriental cultureDetermining the true reasons and motives in a relationship
2. Communication of multicultural partnersThe basis of mutual understanding of spousesStrengthening your own union
3. Sexual aspects of intercultural relationsSex and Genetics: Is everything OK?Feeling your partner’s genes
4. Between West and East: the Language Barrier in the Eastern FamilyLanguages superstrata and lingua franca in modern life: problems at the level of expressionsHarmonization of the language picture of the family
5. Influence of family ties of different cultural spouses on marriageGeneric Strategies in Western and Eastern CulturesFinding mutual understanding with all relatives, maintaining independence and freedom to choose a family
6. The upbringing of children by spouses in multiculturally distant familiesThe problem of self-determination of children in the context of the plural reality of spousesGiving all the best from mom and dad!
7. The traditional way of culturally distant marriage unionsRituals, holidays, tribute to the cultural heritage and the memory of ancestors. What to observe?Making our family calendar
8. Sociotypes and stereotypes about different cultures in Asia. Partner selectionRegional mapping of family values in the EastConverting disadvantages to advantages
9. Critical Life Events & Circumstances in International Marriages What to expect and what to avoid? Finding your own peace against the background of sociocultural post-traumatism
10. The choice of the country of residence of the spousesPros and cons of the home countriesLiving according to the method “where we are there our happiness is”
11. Ethical aspects in close intercultural relationsThe problem of ethical balance in a world of abundant tabooCultivating mutual respect and equality for the personality of the spouse
12. The voice of the ancestorsAncestral energy and international marriage. Tangled blood ties.Say NO to infertility and YES to multitribal reproduction.
Duration:90 min / session60 min / session

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