Morning Drops of Reproduction (Fertilizing Sure Hopes Meditation)

Have you ever wondered as a child why the sun sets? Why is night coming? And why does the clock hanging on our parents’ wall show us that it’s time to go to bed? Sometimes some of us looked sadly at the sunset, trying to catch up with the lost day, which was so full of fun and sweets. Some have even stated that he or she does not want to sleep because it does not take time to rest and recover for all of our body’s systems. But few were indescribably happy until the brightly radiant morning came with the singing of different-breed birds. And only when the morning came, somewhere deep inside we woke up feeling: finally a new day has come …

So it happens on the way to expect a long-awaited child in the eyes of a married couple. Faced with the threat of infertility in the form of darkness and fog among the tears in the night pillow, relying solely on our own efforts, we forget that Mother Nature has already prepared for us timely medicine, even before or even after our reproductive alarm clock begins to ring the anthem “time”. After all, the night we do not perceive is just our subjective attitude to its mission as a person in the living world – to protect, sustain and give life.

And here comes the morning. And the woman wakes up near the operating room and next to her program coordinator and nurse, who do not move away from her one step after anesthesia. And the man is no longer fidgeting in the corridor with his thoughts, he knows for sure – the embryo transfer was successful. Because he and she tried and left the doctors only selected material for a caring embryologist, and the fairy-reproductologist waved her magic wand and became a godmother for a new life.

Do not be afraid of infertility. Because even that brings us to something much more valuable than the scary night we have already experienced. Because the morning has come. Good morning, twin babies! Yes, they will definitely be twins.

No matter how time changes, your love is right.

Good morning, roses and apples, and the next thing is my pollen

The one who inhabited my soul..

Take my heart and grow.

Good morning corrector of my life, my honey, blooming roses

I am a mother, my day is fine,

I have just thought your great number has become...

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