Archetypes in Psychology (by Ukrainian Art Therapist Ksenia Tomilenko)

From the author: Truth should live in everyone. Honesty towards yourself. But how people love to constantly deceive themselves. And illusions in this are always in the wings. There are a number of difficult shadow sides that take over our inner world in every possible way, and a merciless war begins in our country. Where not the strongest will win, but the one whom we ourselves will choose !!! Therefore, it is important to study your shadows and archetypes. Knowing ourselves, we know the whole world.
Formula of creativity Archetypes and shadows

I love Jung very much, and I continue his work – science and psychological research of the inner world of a person. Sometimes we devote so long to research that we just don’t have enough life. And people, absorbed in their idea, sometimes lose touch with the real world, find ourselves in moments of our consciousness, in which we can desperately get lost. And then people around us – they just do not understand us, do not accept us like that, with this idea – to tear the path forward. They do not understand and do not accept us as others, not like everyone else. But even if there is very little support around us, and even if there is more criticism and hatred towards us, this is still great. Warriors of light are desperate, peacekeepers create and will create, no matter what. Although we are scattered around the world, this is because we move alone, not hiding, but moving. We just have something that many others do not have – the connection and acceptance of God – the Creator – we are his creativity, and are permeated in our loneliness by the creative power of creation. And between each of us there is a connection that is not possible – to break. We are not many people who know the value of Love and its power. The force that will destroy the ocean waves with a stream, all that will interfere with it, cut off and align all the corners – that love that floods every molecule, regardless of desperate pain, gives light of understanding. This is the love that is given to us as a reward, for that victory over ourselves – this is the choice to accept this love, instead of our inner Beast. But in order to come to this, you need to go a long way to explore yourself, and your shadows and archetypes. We live in a unique time when, instead of going through crusades and trials in the mountains of Tibet, to find the truth, to just realize ourselves, we can now do this even without leaving the place where you are. And this is thanks to the Great Carl Gustav Jung, who studied psychology as a science. With the help of our creativity, mathematics, awareness, everyone can come to themselves. This is genius.

To let go of the past, you first need to realize why we are holding it at all. Sometimes one small setting in childhood gives birth to a seed of the shadow, which grows, and in most cases begins to control the conscious life. It happens that you wake up in the morning, and outside the window the sun, flowers, beauty, but the Soul cannot see this. The past – but already the Shadow state of the present does not allow to see it. It simply forbids living. Forbids breathing. Dictates what thoughts come to mind and what not. But the good news is that we have the function of archetypes. After conducting several experiments, I came to the conclusion that, like shadows, arise from several actions, programs, attitudes, so archetypes are born from our attitudes, work of internal, deep analysis. Creativity in the inner world – it is much broader, and more productively affects our world. Everything we do in the manifestation of the outside world. Relationships, emotions, reactions – this gives rise to certain thoughts and emotions in the inner world. And the process begins. Those people who are engaged in the practice of meditation, the work of internal analysis, understand this perfectly. But there is also a contingent of people who deny the presence of any internal processes. To put it mildly, they believe only in the chemistry and work of the brain. All descriptions of archetypes, shadows, selfhood are just a metaphor, it’s just more convenient to call all that chemistry, physics, because the language of fairy tales, legends is much easier to explain what is happening inside. So, – archetypes – that is, those strong qualities that push us to a satisfied life, and happiness, realization – all this can be cultivated, created.

I would like to add mathematics here. In fact, all ingenious is simple, that, to do something, to implement what was conceived, it is necessary that the power archetypes for the realization of these dreams are larger than the shadow ones. And the coefficient of obstruction of the shadow, accordingly, was to the same extent less than the archetype of force – that a push for movement could have occurred. If we subconsciously make a mistake and create a shadow, this is also necessary for experience, for a resource of experience. But you also need to understand, constantly cherish the shadow, and love it like a child, without letting go – this does not need to be done. The fact is that if, for example, a person has such a quality as rigidity of thinking (not plasticity), then this may mean that a person, by his behavior and attitude, divides everything into black, white, good, bad. If there is a beginning, then there is an end. All changes and changes are very painful. In this case, creativity will help. It is curable. But back to the created shadows. For example, a person dresses his knowledge in relation to his qualities in this way. If I have organs, emotions inside, then they are mine, and if something changes with them – everything – I will die. This is the fear of death, which jokes to the point of absurdity with human rigid consciousness. Also, the commonplace reason is greed. If I am greedy to part with good qualities, I have an instinct to accumulate, then, accordingly, I am greedy to give and part with negative accumulations. That is, I will not give up my childhood grievances, traumas from the past, without them I am not. Also, the same fear. End. The fear of death in this case is not the fear of dying, because death is a transition. But this is a stupid inexplicable fear that everything will end and there will be no continuation. It is a sick and traumatized ego condition. Why this can be, and where does the beginning come from. Perinatal period. Labor trauma. Everyone has it, but everyone has their own stage of ego trauma. The soul and consciousness adequately respond to childbirth, and our current state of the Ego is for this life, it is born for the first time, and is traumatized for the first time, and life has been given to us with all its teachers, and experience in order to solve this particular problem. What to do in such cases. Mathematical formula:

2 * (∑A) * Ka + ∑T * CT = Moving forward (Creativity)
Where A are archetypes
Ka is the coefficient of the archetype’s strength (after all, there are supreme, super powerful ones created over the years, and inherited, and there are fresh ones – created, and not very strong in relation to shadows)
T – Shadow

Кт – the coefficient of the strength of the shadow, which comes with the sign “-“

The driving force is triggered, and creativity is realized, only if both sides are accepted – archetypes and shadows, given the complexity of their artillery, and provided that there are twice as many strengths. In order to get this two, by which we multiply, we need to do this with the help of a choice in favor of archetypes – this is our life effort, which, like a test, often torments and haunts. Making a choice in favor of the power of archetypes, so that it would be easier, you need to accept the shadow, but taking into account experience, accepting, we let it go. In the formula, this is the coefficient of the strength of the shadow (with a minus, because – we are letting it go).
The difficulty lies in the fact that creativity is realized subject to the choice of archetypes of power, but subject to the knowledge of one’s shadow breakthroughs in the form of experience. Without letting go of the shadow, without understanding the lesson, we cannot go further, we cannot create quality.

We feel satisfaction in realization only when these conditions are met. Even if you figuratively know your shadows, your weaknesses, this does not mean that you have accepted them yet. You can compete with them, pick them out, which will not lead to the desired results. More often it happens, the person knows the problem, it seems like he goes to psychoanalysis, works with psychologists, but everything is not right to the end. Something is interfering. This suggests that the person is not ready to let go of the shadow. Instead of drawing the necessary conclusions, it can help us to make the necessary archetype of help, multiplied by 2 (this is a choice in his favor) – and abandoning our rigidity of thinking with the help of creative approaches (do it like you have never done before – and keep track of the feelings). And when you realize – that nothing ends with a loss !!! Then, you can consciously part with the shadow negative parts. There are deep, powerful, hereditary shadow blocks – you also need to work with them using this method. But already more effort, and more powerful artillery to use archetypes.

In short, you will do more deliberate good and good deeds, less greed and resentment – this is the key to the emergence of archetypes of power in your inner world. Everything we do is we do for ourselves !!! Thus, it turns out that helping someone in the outer world – you help yourself – in the inner world. And by allowing you to help you in the outer world, you are allowing them to help them in the inner world for them. In any case, it’s cool. Do good and let others do it !!! It’s that simple! – But it is also difficult, because you need to consciously.

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