Magics of the Moon (Reproductive Meditation)

“I go for the moon, I want it or not, I’m still going after it, and my month is called the lunar, and my strength manifests itself on the moon, and hundreds of thousands of millions of photons of lunar light projects give me active sexual and reproductive energy” – Diary of the Lanzhou patient, Linlin.

The Moon is known to design, it lays the foundation and sets up millions of generic programs on the part of the planet, where the night reigns. Something it “happens as born” in the female body and show itself as it would be released by a woman, ready to relay the light of life through the conception of the child.

Light in the face of male energy Yang helps her to realize herself in this, speeding up the cycle of billions and trillion energy plexuses and at the time of a large explosion of life, the particle of life is transferred to the women’s womb, starting there to cultivate and grow. Here the Sun comes and the motherhood with activity of a pregnant woman develops into the state of joy of the sun, and the moon of both partners simply say: “Wait Yin”.

And another night of the oblivion of excitement gives a day full of hopes. Among them there is a hope to become a mother, it is always alive, even after menopause. So the woman’s program is arranged – to become a mother and subconsciously all she nests even in the most remote corners of the world and on top of the top career, it is the embodiment for this.

When the Woman (successful and shining in the world) suddenly detects infertility, it is very inhibited, she stops believing in the moon and wants only one – to forget, bury all his lunar hopes and live today, just doing something good. She is trying to seek the way to reconcile with his imaginary fatal fate, but can’t do it, she does not believe, can not believe …

And she is right not to! After all, absolute infertility simply does not happen and can not just be !!! And the non-dissolute inability to conceive and give birth in the overwhelming majority of cases is even very well treated under the sun and under the moon. And at all, it is not necessary to worry about anything in this world.

But to identify infertility and eliminate its reasons for even early stage, to talk to a reproductologist soul into soul, heart into heart , to go through a full and throrough medical examination – all under observation in coordination with profile specialists. That’s what it takes her real courage. For there is nothing more grateful and more likely to do under the moon, than the care for your reproductive health, fixing a normal and regular sexual life, reducing the influence of the stressors in the faces of “infertilizing peaks of success”.

You can take a white and clean sheet of paper today and filled with fragrant ink feather or a pen or simply write two cherished words on it: “Continued Life”, where it is a simple and quiet: “It’s time to have a talk”

Then write and come – we will talk on what you need, and together with the doctor we will make a plan of prevention or treating infertility, even with homeopathy, without operations and with deeply tangible rejuvenation.

Oh, what a great joy and delight will you test tonight under the Moon!!!

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