Angels near you (Reproductive Meditation)

The problem of couples reproduction and fertility worries a lot both women and men. Especially this question is raised sharply and deeply painfully when the reason is found in one of the partners, or it is not at all clear whether it is a woman or a man. Women in depressive colors of souls are visited by desperate thoughts: “Is it really me?”, And men begin to think: “I don’t know how long I can wait.” Then the question arises, and if there is a reason, then why to wait and postpone the course of depression? And can a breakup or change of partners really help us with solving this problem? Or maybe take it and in the end she should go and get pregnant by herself without anyone around?

Mother Nature comes to the rescue in the “person” of the main inspirer and guardian of couples – modern Reproductive Medicine. Being called upon to help understand the problems and obstacles to conceiving a healthy child, preserving reproductive health against the background of occupational stress, reproductology is called upon to hear and see the signs and tools that nature sends to her against the background of its laws.

Therefore, it is so important for yourself to understand and let go of all the pain and the critical importance of the stressors that cause it. After all, no one and nothing can ever deprive you of the joy of experiencing a deep cosmic feeling of motherhood.

The good news is that all stressors and their consequences can be actively and effectively dealt with at the level of various transformational, therapeutic, and accompanying complementary programs.

Today it is not easy to hand yourself into the hands of caring people who energetically will always be with you, leading your aspirations and your struggle to the bitter end. Look around in the world of the living, feel these people around you. After all, every time when you feel bad, they know that everything will be fine with you, and a healthy and indescribable little beauty of the parents will be born, very soon.

Rest assured, be pregnant, not someday – now, always, enjoy growing pregnant and fertile again and again …

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