Just feel it: “no” to sterility through overcoming infertility as a mission (reproductive meditation for females)

Living with a sense of mission in the world of reproduction is the greatest cause of humankind.

Some people say: “After studying the causes of infertility, there will be no direction in life and there will be no such passion for anything.” Then let’s see what the female soul wants when it seeks the mother’s refuge.

All women have their boundless vows before life, vows of care and kindness, vows to explore endless paths in the world of harmony and vows to reach the apogee of happiness in motherhood. All women struggle in a world of deep and sometimes brutal stressful waters that threaten with sterility, and they need our loving hands to pull them ashore; the problems of eco-pollution with loneliness always torment us, make us dependent on things, struggling in this world and unable to get out of this world, but we can cleanse our body and mind, overcome with an irresistible desire to give birth to a healthy child; we want to learn, we want to improve, we want to change, we want to have infinite harmonizing energy in the eyes of a loved one, then we must learn more about the magic of fertility.

This is called the limitless vow of studying the Dharma of sterility; after all, the highest oath of unity of all playing and singing strings of an open soul is our mission, this is the highest value of our life.

I even put up a label: “A woman has a life with a sense of mission – and this is the greatest cause of humanity.” If we unfold our life in the spirit of great compassion, great aspiration and great kindness, life will write a new chapter within us, literally will settle in us.

Happiness is happiness. This is consistent with the thought “one and the same body is compassionate, and there is no limit to great mercy.” Even if you are happy, I can feel it, and I can feel your pain. Pain is shared together and happiness is shared together.

Even if this is a stranger, but you see her happiness or pain, we can all feel the same.

Cultivate faith in the power of life, which is and comes peace, and moisten everything with it. Do not think that having large Latin diagnoses in medical history is the success of doctors. This is your chance to completely change your female destiny.

These things really have to do with a woman who can see life in its entirety and feel its true value.

Tell us about yourself and your experiences, write from the depths of your heart.

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