It’s time to feel the relief (Meditation on Infertility)

In reproduction, we need to understand ourselves, understand the things that pour life into us and correctly see our body and emotions through inner awareness, while feeling the heartbeat of nature.

Otherwise, we will always follow the dry currents and trends of this illusory world. After all, every woman strives to continue life in order to be able to achieve what she wants, brilliant and magnificent, and hopes that in a short life she will become more valuable and meaningful.

But this expectation is often far from reality. Just like when students have just graduated from college, they are often very proud, but when they really enter society, they can soon become indifferent to any confidence, and eventually all ambition and dreams will be shelved. People almost always measure value with one goal, so everyone desperately squeezes the spire, and many people fall when they climb the middle of the tower, fall to the ground.

Life should be colorful, not lonely, and the value of life should be like a hundred flowers in the appearance of children, competing with nature for beauty every season, but why should we look in the same direction when approaching real “sterility”, why do we say to ourselves “I can not!” ?

Is it true that only glory and wealth deserve to be called the life purpose in the world of the living? Wouldn’t such an understanding be too narrow? Over the time, your parents have told you to pursue a successful career, your classmates boast of their honor as an officials, and your friends around you have encouraged you to engage in speculative business.

These life goals are summed up as “money”, “colors”, “name”, “food”, “sleep.” Everyone invests all their time, energy, youth and happiness in the name of wealth and fame and, finally, invests in health, loss of which causes infertility, probably the most terrible but far from hopeless loneliness in the world.

When we are young, we do not know how valuable it is – our reproductive health. And when our hair loses its natural shine and begins to fall to the floor, we suddenly realize that the real gold and treasure in life has been thrown at an illusory and vague target.

The whole world is guided by public opinion and believes that the value of life can only be measured in money. Only in this way we lost ourselves and wandered in darkness all our life. Now the whole society has become very scared, even on the street during the day people look into your wallet. We are always in a state of anxiety, neither happiness nor peace.

In practice, Chan calls this state of hell. We live in a state of insecurity and fear, we walk and run, and our eyes are always wandering.

I study hard all night to get into school, and when I get to work I am overwhelmed by my progress. When I turn 50, I will find that health is farther and farther away from me, and at the same time I will be gnawed by the fact that I can no longer give life.

“At 20, the main thing is love, at 30 – career, at 50 – health.” – many people think so.

And when you are 18, 25 or 38 years old and all your female hormones just sing wanting to give birth?

When we understand these things from start to finish, we begin to understand that in fact, when a person is healthy and not alone, at any time, “living assurance” is his most important component of complete happiness.

But hope is always alive, it knocks on your window like a spring swallow and tells you: “Everything will be fine …” And today it is not too late to take care of your female health, to check with your partner for fertility and risks for pregnancy, if necessary – it is good to undergo treatment with natural methods of modern gynecology, urology and endocrinology, not disdaining naturopathy, and of course to find a friend in the person of a reproductologist.

I can hear your heart beating, it looks forward to your imminent motherhood.

Take care!

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