Birthday of a Butterfly (Meditation on Infertility)

Today is a special day – I will overcome my reluctance to get pregnant. I finally realized the principle of harmony of things that can come into my life only through the joy of motherhood. To do this, I need to take just a few important steps – and imagine, I will soon become a happy mother.

The first and foremost thing is to realize why I came to this world as a woman. To be a human being, to preserve a human being, to maintain harmony around a human being … and to give life as a gift from above, from heaven. There are many things that create and offer me the illusion of something else, pretending to be the meaning of life, but it is in life itself, which I produce. The world constantly convinces me, blinding my eyes with wealth and status, the wild popularity of my public appearances and the grace of my movements on the catwalk, but I know for sure that my salvation as a woman in the living world is the grace of motherhood and the good that comes with it.

Secondly, having reconciled with all the wounds and grievances, fears and worries of my past, I know that in the world of the living beings I am in reality surrounded by great love, manifested from the depths of others and my nature. This love assures me that everything will turn out well for the rest of my life, because it simply cannot be otherwise, because I am a child of love. And my passion is to multiply and preserve, not just feel and use love. Enough, I want to become a mother!

Third, even in the most difficult periods of my life related to my personal health, or the health of my husband, I gratefully remember and accept help from nature through the caring heart of my friend and doctor in two persons: my reproductive therapist and my coordinator help me lead in this truth of life till the victory of life.

Today I say no to infertility and all my female worries, today there is nothing more important than my female health. So I will go and tell about all my adventures, share everything that burdens me on the way to my motherhood. And it makes it lighter for me, it will be easy for me, because there will be no pain of loneliness and the abyss of the unknown, because I know that I will become the best mother for my children.

Sometimes in the whirlpool of your thoughts, which so often fly and buzz like insects, you as a woman can see or feel that you are going everywhere in the maze to the next maze. But this is not the case, let’s go to motherhood, let’s go now, today, with pregnant nature and natural healing! And everything will be as it never has been before – BEAUTIFUL ?…

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