“When Life Path is in Your Heart” Interview with Dr. Elena Mozgova, Ukrainian Reproductologist

Today we will discuss, together with Doctor Elena Mozgova, a rather exciting topic for patients, in a difficult pandemic time for the world on the way to healthy offspring and a happy full-fledged family, where life and the fullness of a woman’s natural properties always win, this is the path that you and I have to go through at all our programs. Many patients ask us questions about this, worrying not only about the end result of a long-awaited pregnancy or recovery from complex gynecological diseases, but also the process of quality of service, as well as care after key procedures, manipulations or surgeries. Elena Mikhailovna, an open and kind-hearted person and the best friend of all her patients, did not remain indifferent to the inner experiences of their hearts trembling with excitement and came to us for an interview to align their pulse invibrah of happiness, kindness and natural peace.

– Elena Mikhailovna, let’s talk heart to heart. Admit it, you changed your new hairstyle and somehow surprisingly repainted even after changing the ornament of your manicure, I can’t believe my eyes, Londa Color? And why would it be? Male curiosity just haunts. Is it really a new period in the dialogues of unity with mother nature? How do you feel, realizing the changes in new rounds of development of your reproductive technologies? And who is it that inspires you to achieve such unparalleled advanced achievements for European science?  

– Yes. You are very considerate. You notice the slightest changes not only in the trends of medicine, but also in the appearance and mood of the doctor. Indeed, everything develops in a spiral. Including – not only a professional image of a doctor, but also a personal one. Together with professional development, every year comes an understanding of unity with nature, the use of natural resources in the fight against infertility and anti-aging. All this, of course, is reflected in my personal appearance and outlook. After helping women not to grow old, to gain the experience of motherhood, I want to show the power of a personal example of naturalness in everything.

– Our patients believe in you very much, especially the victory of life over infertility, aging and oncology. How long does this tireless struggle of yours take now? How long does it take to complete the various programs in your active therapeutic and reproductive arsenal?

– My life goes on non-stop in my work. Taking into account new technologies and approaches to work, I am in touch with my patients around the clock. Since the women whom I accompany and fly live at different ends of the planet, they turn to me at different time intervals. And I have long been accustomed to the fact that sometimes the issues of treatment correction arise in the middle of the night.

All medical and preventive programs take a lot of time, sometimes preparation lasts months, so communication issues have long been well established.

– How many operations a day do you usually personally perform and how many doctors support you in the collegium?

– My operating day lasts on average about six hours, and then – ultrasound , consultations, concils. Plus, I try to set aside time not only for online courses and advanced training programs, but also for live communication with colleagues, including for solving issues of related specialties. I work in a well-established team of real professionals, among whom there are already my talented students.

– Ukraine is truly a hospitable and fabulous country and all our women dream of turning their visits with the chosen one of fate into an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. What can we offer them now to relieve stress in the routine of the most painless medical procedures?

– We have developed a full range of examination and treatment for both married couples and women separately. Moreover, we try to combine both therapeutic and preventive medicine in areas such as the classic obstetrics and gynecology, reproductology atieydzhing , aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, urology. The whole range of dental services is on the way. And further development into family medicine and a wide range of assistance to children.

– What types of in vitro fertilization with accompanying auxiliary treatment are you currently performing?

– Absolutely everything that exists on the service market. Moreover, they were developed jointly with leading European and Eastern scientists, adapted to Ukrainian legislation and have copyright features and improvements. We always start, traditionally, with minimal intervention and soft impact, applying advanced European techniques, integrated with traditional oriental knowledge.

– What initial analyzes and details of the anamnesis of diseases and conditions should be sent to the personal manager-coordinator in order to organize the correct initial consultation with you? It’s not free?

– For the initial consultation, there is a questionnaire program into which the patient enters the necessary data. This is completely confidential for the safety of our patients. And the file is transferred for initial review and drawing up a follow- up examination plan and treatment program. In addition, there is a consultation of the so-called secondary opinion so that patients can compare different methods of solving their particular problem in different clinics. There are absolutely free consultations and management programs that are offered by coordinators on an individual basis.

– How long does it take to release an individualized treatment protocol for patients? Is there a big queue now?

– The primary response patsien received within 72 hours, and then an individual management plan can be from a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the situation and options for overcoming it.

– Tell us, how is the correct selection of the base from the number of partners in which you personally carry out the treatment in Kyiv? What factors do you take into account here?

– The selection and offer of a specific medical center depends on the needs of patients, the complexity of the medical program, financial capabilities and can vary from economy to super- VIP Absolutely all factors are taken into account, including the psychological characteristics of the patient’s or married couple’s personality.

– What about patient support communications? You have a good round-the-clock English and foreign language support for all attacks of fate in connection with the concern of the guests. After all, they are often so far from home, and they just want to have a heart-to-heart talk with you now. Will someone be with them? Who will hear them and take them to breakfast and wish them good night?

– In addition to round-the-clock medical support, there is the same continuous manager – support in the patient’s language. If necessary, it is not only an individual personal manager who accompanies and does not change, as well as a doctor from the beginning to the achievement of a result, but also a highly qualified psychologist who specializes specifically on the needs of women and families.

– What kind of diet do you recommend for patients in the programs? And what of the rational and most acceptable nutritional support for the result can you offer our patients?

– In terms of nutrition, the traditional oriental approach has proven itself most effectively – all natural, in small and frequent portions without excesses and harmful substances. The material for building reproductive cells and for the birth of a new life must be of the highest quality.

– Does someone help patients with mobility? Do they have a personal driver and a guide-interpreter cortege?

– Of course. A well-established logistics system with maximum comfort.

– What if, due to a pandemic or lockdowns, patients really cannot come and visit you, and being on the waiting list is undesirable for their health and maintaining the right proportions of the rhythm of life? Can they be treated in absentia, that is remotely under your supervision? I hear you have even conducted and coordinated complex surgical sessions online with surgeons in the patients’ hometowns, consulting even field medicine.

– Yes. The realities of life, especially in the last two years, have led to the fact that not only do I schedule treatment programs remotely, but thanks to the means of communication, I can participate in real time in examinations, ultrasound studies, consultations and even operations. So we are not afraid of any lockdown and the future belongs to remote treatment and a personal trusted doctor without borders and time frames.

– Can you observe pregnancy and diagnose its course and phenomena in the early and perinatal stages?

– Of course, this is one of our classic directions

– What equipment and drugs do you use? Which countries do you trust?

– In order not to advertise individual brands and companies, I will note that I trust proven and high-quality drugs, consumables and equipment. But I always try all the innovations and leave them in my arsenal if they show their effectiveness.

– I can’t believe my eyes, just out of the corner of my eye I see an SMS from the night nurse on the screen of your mobile. The girls sent a message that you again have a “shot in the bull’s-eye” and more likely twins. Now I understand what joys your new hairstyle hides. You want to live and create in love with your patients. I will definitely take my next patients from Liverpool and you, too, to our Kyiv health club and air yoga on sheets. Are you flying with us?

– Yes, sure. It is necessary to draw energy for development and new achievements, and such messages are just the best elixir.

– Thank you for being there. Take care of yourself doctor and say hello to your fellow plastic surgeons, microsurgeons, gynecological oncologists and homeopaths. I know one of them has a birthday today , we baked a cake with two storks for your unmarried intern girl in the department. Hurray, doctor, we are on our way, we are all on our way, a new heart-to-heart talk awaits us, deep into the night shift!

– Thank you for your visit. Come back with new couples and females and they will stay with us forever, not only as our patients, but also our friends !!!

For more information about Dr. Elena Mozgova, please click HERE or directly inquire about any specific case or treatment via our online form. Your personal program coordinator, Petro Rybalchenko will be very glad to answer all your questions and be with you till the very victorious moment of your life when health and motherhood acquire complete sense of being and gratitude on Earth.

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