The Ballet Story of Cambodian Royal Family

Cambodian Royal Family has been around for more than 1940 years, and it is the longest dynasty in the world in history. The Cambodian royal family has also lasted for more than 700 years when only the patrilineal line is counted. The Cambodian royal family has been able to sing and dance since ancient times. Even the famous King Andong loves dancing. He revived the dying court dance and made the Cambodian classical court dance once again developed.

If you talk about the history of Cambodia, you have to mention the Royal Family . The Royal Ballet Company has risen and fallen with the Cambodian royal family, and has inextricably linked relations with the Cambodian royal family. Many dancers of the Royal Ballet Company became the queen’s of kings or princes.

I won’t mention the old ones, just mention the story of the royal family and the royal ballet in Cambodia’s modern history. This period of history is from King Moniwan, the grandfather of King Sihanouk, to Prince Ranariddh, the second son of King Sihanouk.

King Monivong took two dancers from the Royal Ballet Company as concubines, one named Mick and the other named Sharon. Mick is Pol Pot’s cousin, and Sharon is Pol Pot’s biological sister. Of course, there are many concubines of King Monivong, there are more than 60.

Both Mick and Sharon were peasant girls. They had no chance to see the king at all, but they joined the royal ballet troupe and became the king’s concubine because of their natural beauty and graceful dancing posture.

Therefore, the Pol Pot family changed from a farm to a nobleman. Pol Pot’s elder brother also entered the palace as a manager due to nepotism, and Pol Pot also came to Prime Minister Phnom Penh to live in his cousin’s mansion outside the palace. I went to a noble school and later studied abroad.

King Sihanouk’s father, King Suramarit, had a romantic relationship with many dancers of the Royal Ballet when he was the prince. One of them is Miss Ye.

King Sihanouk’s first concubine Gan Huo was also a dancer of the Royal Ballet. The beautiful Gan Huo officially entered the King Sihanouk’s harem and gave birth to King Sihanouk’s two children, Rana Prince Lie and Princess Pahuadevi.

Prince Ranariddh and Princess Phra Huadevi are very famous. Prince Ranariddh is the second son of King Sihanouk and the successor of King Sihanouk. Prince Ranariddh was the number one in Cambodia. The Prime Minister, unfortunately, was beaten away by the enemy and went into exile in France.

Later, Prince Ranariddh was pardoned and returned to Cambodia. He still wanted to be prime minister. As a result, three car accidents occurred in three years. In the end, Xiaojiao’s wife died. He was seriously injured in a wheelchair and never wanted to be prime minister anymore.

Prince Ranariddh’s second wife, Princess Opola, was also a dancer in the Royal Ballet Company. Princess Opola once served as the lead dancer of the “Fairy Dance” and was called the “Peerless Beauty” by Cambodia. It is a pity that Princess Oppola died in three car accidents with Prince Ranariddh in three years. She was only 39 years old.

Princess Pahuadevi was good at dancing. She was the Principal Performer of the Royal Ballet at the age of 18. The Indonesian President Sukarno wanted to marry her after seeing her dance, but King Sihanouk politely refused.

The royal ballet troupe produces the princess from generation to generation. It can be said that the royal family chooses the concubine. This is very similar to ancient China. The guardian and Zhao Feiyan of the Han Dynasty are both singers and dancers of the princess’s family. They also became the Han Dynasty. The queen of Cambodia is much more accomplished than the Royal Ballet of Cambodia with only concubines.

King Sihanouk’s mother, Queen Mother Geshaman, had been managing the Royal Ballet before his death, but a newspaper in the United States ran out of news without knowing the situation, saying that Queen Mother Geshaman managed the women in the brothel, which caused King Sihanouk’s horror. Furious.

To describe a dancer who has the opportunity to become a concubine as a woman in a brothel is how disrespectful to the king, and it also involves the queen mother. Could King Sihanouk not be angry?

The Royal Ballet Company is connected with the modern history of Cambodia. The most irritating thing is that Pol Pot’s cousin and sister have become concubines of the King of Cambodia. This is Cambodia. What a stunning legend in modern history.

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