Happy Zen (Meditation)

If you are thirsty, water is heaven; if you are tired, the bed is heaven; if you fail, success is heaven; if you suffer, happiness is heaven; if you are lonely, love is heaven; If you are trapped, it is far more convenient to heaven; if there is no one of them, there will definitely not be another; heaven is the ultimate of hell, and hell is the corridor of heaven; the loser walks ninety-nine, the successful one walks only one

Life is like a play. In order to survive, for ideals, and for love, everyone is playing different social roles and staged different tragedies and comedies. People succumb to the world and succumb to power for different interests. Losing the true self, acting involuntarily or involuntarily, consciously or unconsciously, performing various roles in the play, runs counter to the goal of pursuing happiness and happiness in life. In the face of prosperity and impetuousness, and the temptation of chaos, if you are greedy for wealth, you will be disturbed by wealth; if you indulge in wine, you will fall into the trap of wine; if you chase money, you will be led by money nose away…

People who have an indifferent heart will not be fascinated by the world, trapped by material desires, and moved by temptation. Only then will you have a clear mind and no room for dust. Being indifferent is not about being in peace and being happy, and being indifferent is not being conservative and not enterprising, but the feeling of life in the world. It is a kind of unrestrained life, and it is also a kind of yearning for the realm of life.

Forget age, fame and fortune, forget resentment, forget worries… mediocre people can’t do it, claiming to be a little impossible. Wise people say yes, not impossible, because they are too mediocre.

Forget about age, and don’t let your age be the reason for getting older. No matter how old you are, as long as you have a good attitude, as long as you don’t feel old-fashioned, it’s their business. Go your own way and let others talk.

Forget fame and fortune, fame and fortune are things outside the body, they are ordinary people of flesh and blood. Everyone wants to have his own name and his own profit. When encountering unhappy things, he always thinks that God is unfair to himself. In fact, I always thought that the simple and ordinary life is the real life and the greatest happiness.

Forget resentment, in this world, it is impossible for people to live without love and hatred, and it is impossible for them to have no contradiction, but as long as you think about it, is that person worthy of your hatred? Is that person worthy of your love? Is that person worthy of your complaint? I can only tell you, there is no need to waste your precious time to hate someone who is not worthy? To hate others, to hate someone who is not worthy, is the most stupid kind of self-annoying and self-preserving initiative, and it is the least worthwhile. Life is short, and years are easy to grow old. If a person desires too much, how can life bear the burden, and how can life be happy? 

Therefore, on the journey of life, pursue a sense of indifference and calmly face the gifts life has given you, including all the hardships and injustices. Look at everything in social reality with a calm and calm mind. If you don’t worry about honor or disgrace, regardless of gains and losses, you may live easily, live wonderfully, and live happily.

Be confused, let your heart move with the wind and with the rain, understand the big things and be confused about the small things, this is also a kind of smartness to be a person. You should react appropriately at the right time. Don’t be confused when you need to worry, and don’t worry too much when you should be confused. It is rare to be confused but not always confused. It is impossible for a living person to be awake all the time, but it is impossible to do anything. It’s always confused, too clear and tired to live, too confused and too silly to live, so it is necessary to be confused when necessary. Don’t worry, don’t complain, don’t hate.

If you are confused, you will feel more comfortable, and you will live a little confused, which is good for your health…

In fact, confused people are really happy, happy people are really confused. .

To be cool is to be calm, to treat others and to deal with things! Let go of yourself! Don’t restrain yourself too much, or pretend to be too much! No matter what, live a little real! Someone once said: Perseverance is the most stubborn shackles in a person’s heart. Sometimes the establishment of a goal, or the goal is too clear, will become a psychological burden and mental burden, thus weighing our pace and fettering our flying wings. On the contrary, there is no goal at this time, or the goal is deleted, learn Free and easy, we will go farther and fly higher instead. On the bigger side, being chic is to not be happy with things, and not be sad with oneself! To be small, chic is just a word, go your own way, let others talk about it!

Let yourself have a good attitude, can afford to be a person, let go of things, and get along with others. In life, there will be gains and losses, and there will be rewards if you pay. Fish and bear’s paw cannot have both. Sometimes your hard work may not be rewarded, but you have to understand a little bit and don’t demand yourself too much. Life always has its own reincarnation. Life is too short, so let’s go for a while.

Be happy, cherish your own life, cherish your own life, enjoy your own life, let the past become the past forever, hope that in the future, be a little happier as a person, let the heart fly freely, forget all the pain and Love, be a happy confident person!

There is confidant. When you are lonely, you can find someone to talk to. When you are troubled, let your heart rest, give yourself a space, let your soul have a pure lake, and get tired to go boating on it to wash away the wounds of wind and dust.

To have a friend, wealth is not a person’s life’s friend, but sometimes a friend is your life’s wealth. Everyone wants to have friends. People without friends are pitiful and pathetic, but if you want to have a true friend, It’s difficult. Friends are not many but good. The so-called “life is enough to be a confidant” and “friendship between gentlemen is as water as water” is the truth.

Facing the hustle and bustle of the red world, facing the prosperous temptation, maintain a sense of calmness and leisure, leave a piece of indifferent to yourself, be confused, and live happily, life will naturally be white and clear, and the sky will be clear. 

Be a happy person! 

Be a contented person!

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