How Fairy Tale Therapy and Drawing Works (by Ksenia Tomilenko, Master of Psychology)

At first glance, fairy tales seem like something childish and banal. Transfer of knowledge, necessary knowledge and knowledge.

Why do I want to focus my attention on fairy-tale scenarios? The fact is that the method of metaphor and the algorithm for constructing the scenario of the fairy tale itself fills our minds and the subconscious mind understands this language. This is true for both adults and children.

In general, fairy tale therapy works as effectively as it is hard to believe at first glance. With the right format of work, the efficiency will be high and gives quick visible results. The method itself is aimed at writing an author’s fairy tale at the request of the client. After writing a fairy tale – the effect of consolidating the resource and new program through the creative process. It’s about the neural connections in our brain. When transformation takes place, the old dies off and the new replaces it, a process of a short time and the activation of the brain, which is responsible for the manifestation of action, is required.

When we think and read in silence, the process is slow. But if we read the same fairy tale in a voice, then the effect will already be activated by another part of the brain and the activation process will begin. But at the same time, adding the process of drawing or sculpting – any creative act – it will work much better to consolidate the new program.

For example, I will share with you one small author’s fairy tale upon request for elaboration.

In one distant park, or maybe not far, very close, near one magical lake, or maybe quite ordinary, but most likely magical, there was one very beautiful house. That house had many floors and different people lived there. In one apartment, the windows of which overlooked that very magical lake, there was one very pretty boy with his family. His name was Dean. And he was 6 years old. Dean was very fond of looking out the window and admiring the magic lake, often he himself sat and looked out the window. Dean had many friends and his parents loved him. But they often came late, and that made Dean sad. He was sad and afraid to stay at home himself.

And then one day it got dark. Mom had not yet returned from work, and Dean, as usual, went to the window, at first he was scared, his knees were already cowardly, but looking into the distance, Dean saw the extraordinary beauty of the magic lake. It smiled affectionately and shone with radiant glowing rays of moonlight. Dean was really staring, he liked it, but out of nowhere, – a spider jumped out right next to Dean’s nose.

Because of this, Dean cried out in fright and jumped under the table. He crumpled, cringed, and cried.More and more I will never get out from under the table, I will sit here forever !!!! Dean said, wiping his tears with his sleeve. -Probably you will have a lot of fun there, someone squeaked in a thin voice.

Ay, oh, oh – who’s here ?? – Dean cried out, frightened and unexpectedly for himself.

Do not be afraid, I myself am more afraid of you !!! – someone answered again. Dean has not calmed down a lot, and has already stuck out his curious nose from under the table, and then decided to spy on who is there with one eye. But it was very dark and scary, and the lamp was already on the other side of the room. Dean began to imagine various horrible monsters, to hear scary spiteful sounds, but all the same interest was stronger than fear. Who squeaks with him. And then a ray of moonlight flashed from the window – a reflection from the lake, like a small magic rainbow dispersed all the terrible pictures and sounds, and Dean felt completely good and not scared, even everything shone very beautifully around. And on the window he saw the same little spider. The spider looked at the lake and was touched. Dean was very surprised.

Do you want to bite me or eat me? Dean asked.

Hee-hee-hee – only the spider squeaked, – you are so huge, and in general I am a spider, I only eat flies and different insects. “Well, why did you come here then, if you don’t eat me, then what?” Dean asked again carefully, but more confidently.

Look what a beautiful lake. It is magical, and only from your window such a wonderful view. And I am also very sad and bored alone, everyone is afraid of me and hides all the time, I have no one to be friends with – the spider cried bitterly.

Well – well, what are you, do not cry. After all, everyone did not know what you are. – already very boldly jumped out from under the table and ran to the spider. Looked at him better, Dean saw that the spider was not at all scary, very cute and fluffy.

Listen, let’s be friends, I was afraid of you before, but now I realized how wonderful you are. After all, I, too, can be sad and lonely alone.

Come on – said the spider. – But being on your own is also good and pleasant on the one hand, you can see beautiful places, think about something good, dream. But of course, not all the time, and it’s fun to walk with friends too. The next morning, the spider came to visit Dean. They talked for hours on end. Dean taught the spider to play games, and the spider told Dean about his life and his family. It turned out that spiders weave cobwebs to protect people from harmful and evil lumps and insects, that they still protect and love people, there are of course different spiders, but not all nasty ones, but only bite if people offend them and destroy their families. Dean and the spider were pleasant to talk to, and very informative.

Since then, the spider and Dean have remained friends forever, and constantly played together, looked at the magic lake. And since then Dean has ceased to be afraid of the dark and spiders, because at night it can also be mysteriously beautiful and magical. Everyone was happy. How nice it is to have new friends !!

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