Extensive practice of generosity, benevolence in the world (Chan Meditation)

If you often do generosity, you will be rich. The method of contentment is a place of happiness and tranquility. A contented person, even if he lies on the ground, is still peaceful; a person who is not satisfied is not called in heaven even though he is in heaven. People who are not satisfied are poor, and contented people are rich even though they are poor.

Richness does not mean having much wealth, but inner peace. How to be rich, the first is generosity. Be a man when a person’s heart only stays in the desire for money, he is poor. Giving is actually to break our greed for dreams and our strong possessive desire for things, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the world. Giving has wealth, Dharma and fearless giving.

Financial giving is the use of money and material to help others; Dharma giving is to educate others with thought; Fearless giving is to give others safety, all of which are generosity. Giving embodies people between heaven and earth. A high degree of dedication.

There is a student who studies Chan Buddhism. He looks at the word “willing to give up” every day, and then he uses his heart to experience it in life. He said that if you give up, you will have gain. After giving up, a lot of things will be given back to us.

If we take fame, status, money, interests and all the benefits in our own hands, who wants to be with you? Who wants to fight with you? In fact, not all people in this world can give. The rich, as long as you have a heart to give, you can give at any time.

A smile, a word of praise, picking up rubbish is charity. The harmony of society requires every member of the society to have a heart of generosity. If you can use compassion To feel everyone around you, you will find that they are just like your brothers and sisters, so kind and so cute. If we feel with a broader sense of giving, cultivate and deepen this spirit, move forward in this direction, and finally one’s own life will be sublimated to the realm of students and participants of harmony.

Let us know what leads you to give and share things and feelings with your environment, our center will gladly help you to transform your giving into your richness through good knowledge and never stopped inspiration.

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