MBA Course: Effective Performance Communication & Leadership in Asia

Communication skills can increase the ability of coaching, empowerment, collaboration, influence, etc., you also can learn various interpersonal and organizational interaction skills in communication, so that every communication can be “equal to personnel” and lay a solid foundation for subsequent ability learning. This course allows students to learn various individual and group interaction skills in communication predominantly in Asian environment, so that each communication can achieve “equal attention to personnel and affairs”, and lay a solid foundation for the follow-up of the necessary series of skills at the basic level finding the cross-bridges and cultivating mutual understanding and cooperation in West-East social or business environment. .

Course Description

This course enables students to understand the basic nature, principles and skills of leadership and communication, makes interpersonal interaction more mellow and smooth, enhances interpersonal relationships, increases management and leadership skills, and enhances personal work life quality and organizational productivity. The first 8 lectures focus on the training of personal communication skills, and another 8 lectures focus on the training of leadership within the organization.

Course Objectives

-Promote students’ understanding of communication and leadership theory

-Improve self-efficacy, communication and leadership skills

-Cultivate the ability and charm of self-leader and team leader

Course progress Progress Description

Number of lecturesProgress Description
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
L2Values, ideology and communication
The beginning of communication: ice-breaking techniques
L4Nonverbal communication
L5Handling and Coordination of Interpersonal Conflict
L6The use of techniques to make others work together
L7Use and communication of emotions
L8Communication of Organizational Change
L9Motivation theory and application: exerting influence
L10Comparison of leadership and management
L11Team vs. group comparison
L12The cultivation of leadership traits and charisma: four influence styles
The establishment of team leadership atmosphere: how to lead team members to actively participate
Establishing an atmosphere of trust
L15Management of conflicts
L16Negotiation and consultation
Seminar 1Solving Interpersonal Cases
Seminar 2Solving Organizational Cases
Seminar 3Intercultural Experience of Listeners (personal growth session)
Seminar 4Listeners’ presentations (practical workshops)

The above weekly schedule teachers can make appropriate adjustments according to the class situation. The schedule may be subject to change.

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