It’s hard with no desire (Chan Meditation)

Human desires are endless. If only tangible substances are used to fill oneself, the empty mind will never be satisfied. Only the intangible thing of “love” can enrich one’s heart.

The desirelessness mentioned in Chan is actually this state. When we let go of all the attachments, expectations, and desires in our hearts, the energy released is unmatched.

Master Tang Xuanzang went to India to learn the scriptures. He led a horse for a journey of 12,000 kilometers, walked through uninhabited deserts, walked through snow-capped mountains with harsh weather, and encountered various unruly ethnic minorities. This embodies the strength of desirelessness.

When one’s life isn’t ignored, it is actually the strongest force.

Tell us what your heart desires, we can talk on how to get it in harmony and peace.

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