“Art Therapy & Modern European Family” – Interview with Ksenia Tomilenko

Today we have an unusual conversation with a unique person of her vocation, trampling the unknown paths of psychological insight. We will talk to Ksenia Tomilenko, a well-known psychologist and art therapist among Ukrainian families.

On the eve of preparations for the next art festival in Kyiv in early September, we took a couple of minutes to meet this wonderful person.

-Ksenia, congratulations. Thank you for visiting us for a conversation. Tell us about your path and your psychological practice today, the main areas of work.

-Good afternoon! Very happy to talk to you!
My path of acquaintance with psychology began 7 years ago.
I began to notice that I had a certain depth of outlook on life. And I perceive everything around me with my special look. Creative and not like most. This prompted me to try the profession of a psychologist.

Since I love to write and draw, it guided me to further develop the direction of Art Therapy.
Also very interested in the topic of working with the subconscious through metaphor and transformation. Today I write resource transformation tales. I have a lot of creative art therapeutic projects and author’s works in my arsenal.
I have the opportunity to share these creative developments in more detail.-Why art therapy? Have you loved drawing since childhood, or has it become a tool for you to reach the depths of the human soul?

-Since childhood, I love to draw, there are a lot of artists and deep personalities in my family, and I think the genes also perceived this. But I noticed once, when it was hard on the soul, drawing became much better. And I got acquainted with the techniques of right-hemisphere drawing, and most types of art therapy. I started trying, and I liked a lot of things, but I realized that I have my own depth, and I need to look more inside. I began to practice meditations and create my own methods. Much came in the flow of space.

What questions do you face most often in your daily practice?

– The human soul has always been important to me, because we are a continuation of Nature, a powerful organism.And as far as I noticed, the reason for not being able to live is not knowing yourself. Not knowing your nature. And most people live more like robots and do not listen to their Soul. The point is to come to an understanding of ourselves, to realize that we are Divine beings.

-A few words about your attitude to ancestral energy, ancestral programs and “fire obstacles” to female and male reproduction at the program level. Do you have a successful experience in this field?

-Ancestral energies and practices have interested me recently, a couple of years ago. At first I created a genealogical tree, asked about relatives, observed that many situations are repeated. I study this topic very closely even now.
Ancestral energy gives us support on the one hand, but today is very destructive on the old programs. The new era does not accept the old ancestral programs. And most people for these reasons can not live a quality life, taking at the genetic level of these old ancestral programs as a matter of course – but they do not work in today’s world. Hence they are a catalyst for destruction. Therefore, in working with ancestral energy, I recommend carefully reconsidering what we have adopted. And work more at the level of Personality and transformations.

In your opinion, what is the most favorable information field and psycho-ecology of the social environment that will save the family in the conditions of modern challenges?

– I will answer this question very briefly, the most prosperous field is a family where there are rules, respect, and freedom. Freedom in choosing one’s path.Awareness that everyone is like a whole planet, with its own rules. And of course the energy of Love is Unconditional. Interaction with nature – and communication is alive (because the information field is still very much in control).And really in life how to apply it – more often to disconnect social networks and not to watch TV, to listen to yourself and your nature. To live as a living organism through the whole body, not just the mind.

A few words about your personal hobbies and a source of inspiration in working with people. Is there something that ignites you or moves you from within to constantly follow the path of your vocation in overtime?

-The only feeling – that as the information comes to me and I live inside it all, I really want to share it – that more people would wake up and be alive and human.Here is an example – if you have children and you leave them to this world, what would you like the future for them, what space. And my job is to sow seeds. At first it was difficult for me, because I did not immediately see the results of my work, I could not understand whether I was doing the right thing. But I always listen to intuition, and I think the main thing is not to lose faith in myself and not to betray myself. I have a separate story about this – how easy it is to lose faith when external factors break you. I think in today’s conditions many people experience a lot of stress and many crises. However, when I see that there are people who choose to live naturally and be real – especially wise children – I see the point of not giving up. I plan to write many fairy tales for children in the near future, which tell about the values ​​of such a living life in harmony with nature. And this is the inner fire – which in faith supports that you should not give up.

-Thank you for dedicating your valuable time and frank conversation to us. What would you like to wish our families with whom ECOHAB center works in the field of Reproductive Medicine as an International Coordinator on the way to happy motherhood and parenthood in general, as well as personal development and harmonization?

-First of all I wish a family to be!! And this is probably important in an era when they are trying to devalue it. And of course what would be this natural harmonious field of mutual understanding and self-knowledge. The ability to love and know yourself allows you to be happy and free – and this is a field that invites new lives to continue.

-We will be glad to see you again in our next conversations. We wish you all the best and socially significant creative achievements in the whirlpool of European family psychology from Ukraine.

-I mutually wish Creative success and prosperity to the project and each family !!

For more information about Ksenia and her direction of work as well as the way to contact her for a consultation please press HERE

3 thoughts on ““Art Therapy & Modern European Family” – Interview with Ksenia Tomilenko

  1. Very interesting interview! Art therapy is a very strong method, and most importantly, environmentally friendly! Every time I used it for myself, it was effective. The theme of the family is very responsive, it is a microcosm in general! Harmony in it creates a fertile field for the growth and development of each of its members.

  2. It looks like an interesting methodology to work with kids. Wish you luck. I believe that’s way can help people to find harmony in their lifes. Cheers

  3. Ксюша, хочу тебя поблагодарить за твою отзывчивость и стремление помочь разобраться в себе и ситуациях, которые сложились в моей жизни. Я даже подумать не могла что просто общаясь и рисуя можно выявить причину и этим же рисунком помочь себе и разрешить ситуацию в положительном ключе. А ещё мне очень понравился твой подход к разбору ситуации через сказку. Ты очень точно розложила и объяснила то что происходит, а главное из-за чего это так сложилось. Благодарю тебя за сказку написанную для меня. Она меня очень вдохновляет и окрыляет.

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