Genetic Keys Through the Metaphor of Animal Totems

We live in a very active world, in which we are surrounded by a lot of different information. And we do not always know how necessary or unnecessary this information will be.

If you look at our heritage, more often than not, many programs carry more destructive programs in life than useful ones.

This does not mean that our ancestors were bad, or wrong, everything is much more complicated.

Our body consists of multidimensional information fields. And it is very important that there is consistency between the Body, Mind, Soul. And every day you need to adjust your world to the time of our planet. We are part of nature. Great and united. A large living organism. And in order to accordingly be a continuation of it, we need to sound on certain vibrations.

And now the old programs that are passed on to us are no longer relevant, and carry the character of “weighting” the system. And here cleansing is necessary.

As Bert Helinger said, “The unlived life of ancestors is not a feasible burden for children.”

Using the metaphor through the Animal Totems, in which the transformational force is encapsulated for the disclosure of its own Gift and resource – through a certain drawing work, it is possible to start the process of clearing old programs, and forming new ones. It is easier for our subconscious to perceive information through metaphors of the forces of nature, namely the animal. Because it’s like a child. The simpler, the more aware.

In our subconscious there are 64 genomes – which are divided into three states: Shadow (sleep, ignorance) – Gift (awareness, clarity) – Sidhi (Enlightenment).

For a happy and harmonious life, it is enough for a person to accept the shadow and transform it into a Gift. And live your life, with scenarios that will not carry burdens on subsequent generations.

After all, you and I want to continue the legacy – to transmit values, love. And this is important for the preservation of the future.

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