On self-renewal and life growth (Chan meditation)

Career is a boat, and virtue is water. “If a person sits quietly with one beard, he wins the construction of the Seven Pagodas of Hengsha. Especially the pagoda must be turned into dust, and one thought will become enlightenment.

The practice of the Lotus Sutra is to correct one’s wrong ideas and behaviors. Many people always think that practice is not compatible with their lives, thinking that practice is just what a hermit is hiding in the mountains to do. In fact, to live happily, everyone needs practice. People who want to succeed in their careers need practice. People who want a happy family need to practice, and those who want to live a happy life need to practice. Because all the fundamental reason why we cannot have an ideal life is that we have not found the right way to achieve a happy and ideal life.

All the troubles are caused by our own negative thoughts. We must constantly switch from negative to positive, from darkness to light, and to be free from ignorance. Practice is the process of self-renewal and self-control.

Use a mirror to take a picture of yourself every day: What I said today, what I did, what I thought about, how to deal with others, etc. Are there any selfish dirt mixed in? If you have bodhichitta at all times, and your heart is full of compassion for all beings and your family, open up and magnanimous, when you reach this ideal state, what else can you do badly? But we are often bound by desires, worries, and habits, and cannot be relieved. If things go to your heart, you will be happy; if things don’t go to your heart, you will have rebellious, hostile, and repulsive psychology.

When you have this kind of emotion, you must know how to stop quickly. What does “Amitabha” mean? It means immeasurable light, immeasurable life. Immeasurable longevity is a blessing. Light represents light and wisdom. To recite Amitabha is to cleanse yourself with light and wisdom, and face the world with a healthy and positive concept, so that you can live immeasurably, light and wisdom, healthy and positive.

Inamori Kazuo said in the book “Why People Live” that the most important thing in life is the process of being alive, that is, how people show their personality in this world. If you use this concept to deal with things, you will find that your future work, even if it is unsatisfactory work, you can accept it wholeheartedly, instead of holding the psychology of rejection, hostility and rebellion. Because everything that bothers you can be the best opportunity for your growth in life. Everyone here today is a person who has been roasted in water and fire. You should be very impressed by this. Only adversity can make us grow faster. When all we encounter are good times, you will feel that life is like a stagnant pool, meaningless.

Many people say, why do you spend so much time and energy on running this monastery? Don’t you feel tired? If someone allocates one billion to build a monastery within two years, I might not feel it at all. But if every penny is earned by racking your brains, you will cherish every penny and have feelings for every stone. In fact, life is the process of experiencing life. If you accept this process with a happy heart, you will find that living is very happy every day.

Don’t think that you have shortcomings and despise yourself. Everyone came into this world together based on the same karma, so this world is called the world of common karma. Generally speaking, everyone has a nose, two ears, a mouth, two legs, and two hands. Do you have three legs, two heads, and four eyes? No, this is a common industry, and the basic needs of people are all the same. In summary, it is wealth, color, famous food and sleep. If we think that someone is particularly greedy and look down on him, it’s just a matter of fifty steps and a hundred steps of laughter. How to use people to best reflect a person’s virtues? It is with compassion. The bigger a company does, and the wider its influence, the more important the morality of its leaders.

When an enterprise talks about building soft power, it actually means to continuously infiltrate every employee and customer from top to bottom, so that the big ship of the enterprise will always move forward in calm and calm waves. The bigger the boat, the deeper the water, or it will run aground. Virtue is water! The higher the position, the thicker the virtue must be. Because the higher your height, the larger the radiation area, all people will look at you with various magnifying glasses, and even your certain behavior will affect how others view your entire enterprise.

Therefore, cultivation requires us to constantly change from within, from negative to positive, from negative to positive, from pollution and troubles to pure peace.

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