Courses of Oriental Languages with ECOHAB (online)

We invite listeners from 18 to 81 years old to our oriental language courses. As you know, this not only develops the intellect and outlook of a person, contributing to the running of international business and cultural adaptation, but also prevents the development of dementia, memory disorders and many occupational diseases keeping well fit the workers.

In addition, along with the study of the language, a person absorbs the spiritual culture and heritage of civilizations, which feeds the inner world and helps to answer complex life questions in harmony with the world around the listener.

Today, we offer multilevel training for students in Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Hindi languages.

Together with the European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Business Development, you will easily and in an accessible practical form master the skills of everyday and business communication, plunge into the world of culture and values ​​of society of distant civilizations, and also find a friend in the face of a trainer who will help you switch and stressful environment for development, success and confidence in the future. We constantly use and develop the latest coaching technologies in working with students of our programs.

At the end of the course, students can receive a certificate of successful completion of training, recommendations to the employer and support in contacts with the countries of the target language for further professional and personal development.

Those wishing to sign up for a free trial lesson, please leave a completed application on our website at the bottom of this page. We will contact you within two days to clarify the details of the training.

Come and we will be glad to see you at our online classes anywhere in the world.

Believe in your every success!

Petro Rybalchenko

The Founder

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