The legend of Phoenix Heart on the edge of Qin Dynasty. A story of transition & people

Nan Yanchao’s “An Ji”, (Chronicles of Han) can prove that Taoyuan Township described by Tao Keming (also known as Qian. 365-427), a famous hermit poet in the 4th and 5th centuries, is not completely fictional. And the possibility that Tao Guoming’s source of Jiyuan really exists has its real historical background.

Taohuayuanji” tells a story from the period of Dongxiang Taiyuan (376-396). One day, Wuling fisherman Guozhou after entering a blooming peach blossom forest, abandoned the boat through the cave and arrived at a strange village. The villagers here said: “The roots were first to escape the chaos of the Tai time. Before going out, he cut off contact with people outside. “

In short, “In the past, during the Fengwei war, there were families and villagers who lived together on this border, and then they have been living a life of isolation from the outside world.” He asked the fisherman. What dynasty is it now, “I don’t know that there was a Han Dynasty, let alone Xianpu, they don’t even know the changes from Qin to Han, from Wei to Jin.”

The fishermen who received the enthusiastic support from the wine industry hoped to visit again, planning the road to return. Marks were made everywhere along the way. However, when he prefectly understood the matter, the son of Naoto looked for the mark, he could not make the trip again. The inner adjustment indicated the last poem: “Winning the chaos of the sky, and the sage is Haiqi world, Huang Chizhi’s Shangshan. The people also said, they went to Lianbufu, and came to the road to become Yingshi”, that means that Qin Shihuang won the government, because he disturbed the order of the sky, everyone has avoided the world.

Xia at the end of the Qin Dynasty

Huang Gong, Chiliji and others lived in Shangshan in seclusion. Similarly, in Taoyuan township, some people also lived in seclusion. When they first entered the mountain, their tracks were clear and the roads were full of flowers. This legend has always been considered to be.

Tao Yuanming’s fictional utopia, after all, where the war at the end of the “Feng” (Phoenix) Dynasty is a world of Taoism in terms of time and space, but at least it can prove that the Tai forces have indeed extended to the border of this area.

There is another belief. Taohuayuan did not actually exist in the Tai dynasty, but the view that it was pretending to be the descendants of the Qin Dynasty is also deeply rooted in the country.

The “Peach Blossom Spring” in the “Tao Hua Yuan Ji” refers to the Southern Song Dynasty Liu Yu period. There are so many legends about the historical authenticity of Yujing. The historical facts that the people of Qin did enter this place have since then had conclusive evidence.

There is a view that the oil man in “The Story of Peach Blossom Spring” came up from the water and the boat. From the Liye Qin chapter. The people of Qin also started from the Dongdi Lake first from the distant water currents, and then along the West Water Lake, to establish a moving tomb base in the upper reaches. The content of Jianneng is this more fresh migration than Taoyuan Township.

The documents used in Lingxian County, and only as far as they were from the period of Emperor Qin Shihuang. The mystery of what happened to this small place during Qin Shihua’s unification of China has finally been revealed. The villagers of Taohuayuan could come from Chengyue’s Central Plains.

The point of view here is not necessarily inevitable. If the rule of the Tai dynasty is limited to some strongholds in the small basin along the river, for example, it may be considered that they entered and died from here and then stayed in the caves in the mountains. For them as “Transferred from Feng to Han” it was really the matter of the uninterrupted alien space.

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